10 Ways to Cheer Someone Dealing With Grief

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Sometimes it is not just our day. As the popular sitcom ‘FRIENDS’ theme song goes, it might not be your day but your friends will always be there for you. Grief stricken people are those who have lost their means to find happiness and are ready to leave it all. Is it really the end of their lives? Are you in the vicinity of such people who are willing to give it up just like that, without a fight? Do you become upset of hearing their problems and want a permanent solution more than they wish? It is high time that you lend them your ears and be a good listener. On your part you should do everything you can to cheer the poor man and make him normal again. It should be a responsibility on your part to cheer up your friend and make him feel better again. If you take it on yourself to relieve him, your friend will thank you for the rest of his life. Here are 10 ways to do so.

10. Crack jokes


Have a joke session with the aggrieved person. This is the most clichéd ways’ of all but it works well when the problem in hand is not a big one. But do not end up irking them with your silly and stupid jokes for which the person would give you a look so bad, you will never think of cheering them up again. Laugh with them so that they forget their sadness and enjoy the moment. When you will create an ambiance akin to happiness, they will bask in the joy.

9. Listen


Listen to their problems. Be a patient listener. There is a popular saying which goes like a good conversation is possible only with a good listener. In order to have them speak up, you need to be silent and cooperative. Interact with them when they want the eye contact and small nods. Make friendly gestures so that they will not feel to be talking to the walls. They will feel comfortable in pouring their heart out and their problems if not solved will definitely reduce in magnitude.

8. Advice


Advice but do not give free advice. This is a simple and statutory warning for all those people out there giving away free advice for no good reason and unasked for. When an aggrieved person is in real need of your advice, he will ask for it. Do not end up hurting their ego and sentiments. Tell them that true happiness comes from within. There may be numerous ways to cheer them up but the best person to do that is themselves. These words of wisdom will ring a bell in their ears and they will take your words seriously.

7. Surprise!


Surprise them by paying them a visit with a bottle of wine. If alcohol is prohibited, cold drinks will also do the trick. Throw random parties and picnics at their spots. Involve them in so that they would forget their loss for a moment and enjoy with you. You can have uncalled birthday parties and celebrations for weird reasons. Call up all your close friends and surprise him by bringing gifts. You can give your depressed friend the one long lost wallet he had been waiting for or her zodiac sign mug. Buy them flowers. The options are innumerable.

6. Divert the attention


In order to study, we need to focus. Similarly in order to stay away from our worries we need to focus somewhere else. Divert the attention by bringing in out of the world topics to discuss. Discuss games, politics, fashion and fun with them. They will involve themselves in such discussions and their attention will be diverted from their loss of their loved ones. For a time being, they will not be bothered by their worries.

5. Hug them


Hug is the solution to all problems for all types of relationships. You can hug your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, relatives, parents, pets and even yourself at any time of the day. They are a great way to express affection, love, care and concern. It shows that you will support the person in their good and bad times. Smile and say some caring words in their ears while hugging. Go up to them and hug them out of the blue. They will take it as a surprise and will be happy to know that someone always cares.

4. Go dancing


Dancing is not only about steps and music. It is a form of art which relieves us of our mental stress. We tend to be fit both physically and mentally. It enhances our life in so many unimaginable ways. It brings a fun element to us. If your partner is really upset about something, dance with him on an item song. In today’s fast paced world we often forget to take care of such small and petty things. But dancing is one of the most effective ways to cheer someone out of his blue.

3. Do weird stuff


Paint, sing and do all the stuff that you wanted to do with your friend together. Bring his old sketch book out from the attic and paint him. Howsoever bad it might be the sight of you painting him will definitely bring him to smile. You never know you will end up running around the house for spoiling his favorite sketch book. Pottery, drawing, paper-Mache and playing board games are just other ideas. Bake a cake with him if you want to! Take him out for movies and play with popcorn. Blow bubbles using those small sticks by dipping them in soapy water. The worries will burst just like the bubble. You just need to be creative and silly.

2. Shop


Women rejoice outdoors. New clothes fascinate them. Branded clothes awe them. Footwear creates ripples in their stomach and accessories bring smiles to their faces. There you go! You have so many flea markets now. Take them out and binge! When nothing else works, a bit of shopping will make the difference. Buy something weird for your friends.

1. Have an ice cream party


Have not I mentioned this point before? Because ice creams make my mouth water and I begin losing my senses. Of course you do not want your depressed friends to lose their senses after ice creams. All I am saying is to organize an ice cream party. Have buckets of ice creams ordered at his place. Stuffing yourself with the favorite flavor of your ice cream always does the trick. It is not a solution and mind you, not a healthy one at all. But binging on ice creams when your friend is upset is a risk worthy taken. Because you know what it tastes good and makes you feel better.

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