Top 10 Ways To Pass Your Time When Sick

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Life can be pretty boring when you get ill. The disgusting taste of medicines, staying in bed all day long, the noise of your mom shouting if you dared to sip a can of soft drink and other such things that can drive you mad are a part and parcel of your days when you are ill. Are you looking for some interesting things to do the next time you get ill? Well, this article is for you. Not that I am sure that you will get ill. In fact, I hope you stay healthy and disease free for the rest of your life but who knows what challenges you need to face tomorrow so it is always best to stay prepared.

10. GROOMING: A great way to cheer yourself up. Sickness always takes a toll over one’s body and if a person chooses to ignore proper grooming, he will be disappointed to see the changes in his body which could easily be avoided by staying upbeat and concerned about personal hygiene. Go out for a haircut or style your beard the way you have been wanting to. Girls can paint their nails or can ask for a beautician who offers door to door services to give them a nice, relaxing massage or other beauty treatments. Seeing yourself in good shape makes a huge difference on the recovery process.

9. CHAT WITH YOUR FRIENDS: Call your friend over and have a nice chat with him. Trust the wise men who say, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” So pick up your cell phone and dial your best friend’s number. I am sure he will be there to give you company and ensure that you do not feel lonely sitting at home all day long and physically cutoff from the rest of the world. To be very honest, you should make the most of the fact that you are sick as long as you can. People who genuinely care about you will be on their toes to do anything for you and give you anything you need.

8. WATCH YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES AND TV SERIES: You have a comfortable couch? Yes? I am sure you have a television with cable too, right? So, you have a couch to lie on and watch cable television. Now all you need is a pillow and a blanket and you are good to go. Flip through the channels and see if any of the channels is playing one of your favourite movies or TV series. If not, then you don’t need to get disheartened. You are living in an era largely dominated by technology and internet. Grab your laptop and search for something interesting. I wish you a happy, safe and most importantly ethical surfing!

7. WALKING: Bored of being a prisoner inside your own home? The truth is that you are not under house arrest! You are free to venture out of your home premises and there are no guards to stop you (except your parents, spouse or anybody in charge of taking care of you). Take your dog, if you have one, for a walk. It is good for you to breathe in the fresh air outside and admire the things Mother Nature has to offer you but good luck finding ‘fresh’ air in this urbanization crippled world of ours.

6. WRITING: If you are fond of writing, sickness can be a great opportunity for you to express yourself through written words. It can be anything you want to pen down. You might have been wondering about something and you can write a poem on it. It might be the lyrics of a song created by you if you are into music. If you have a crush on someone and you are too shy to be open about it, your diary can be the best and most trusted friend you’ll ever find.

5. CLEAN YOUR ROOM: Cleaning your room. That’s a task that seems never ending unless you are one of those people who are very strict about being organized and all that ‘clean drawers, clean wardrobe and clean room’ stuff. I can assure you that when you get down to cleaning your room, you will find that time flies. It is because there are only two possibilities that exist. Either you are enjoying cleaning or your room is so messed up that no matter what you do, you seem to make no significant progress at all.

4. WORK: What? It is a day off because you are sick and I am telling you that if you want to pass time, you must work? Well, I can assure you that you might be ill but you made no mistake while reading. You might not enjoy not working for some time but soon you will be getting restless and wanting to go back to your workplace and see all those familiar and friendly faces. Your body clock is used to a particular routine and any disruption in it will inevitably bring certain psychological as well as hormonal changes. So working while staying in your comfort zone or at least calling up someone from work to know how things are going there will make you feel better.

3. EATING: Eat well. The doctor will let you know the kind of foods you must eat and the types of food to be avoided. It is not necessary that the diet advised to you by the doctor is tasteless and there is nothing exciting about it. The reality is that though the advised diet is usually simple, it can be experimented with without compromising with the nutrients. For instance, you can surf the net and find ways to make something as simple as oatmeal delicious and maintain its healthy nature too.

2. MUSIC: Plug in the speakers, choose your favourite playlist and then hit the power button. Music has always been a beautiful way to calm your body and motivate your spirit depending on the kind of music you listen to. Let the beats of the music move through your soul and let go of yourself. Close your eyes to prepare yourself to be transported into a world where you can forget your sickness and boost your recuperation.

1. READING: A relaxing way to spend your time is to read a quality book. Reading is a great way to ensure that you get ample rest and your time is utilized in one of the best possible manners. Request your friends to bring you a book of your choice. If you are willing to try something new, ask your friend to choose for you. People are so busy these days that there’s a high probability of a great book in your study just waiting for you to open it and explore the exciting and adventurous world within it.

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