10 ways to show your Parents that you care

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Parents are a child’s guardian, his caretaker, teacher, mentor and what not. They shower us with their never ending love and prove to be the pillars in our journey to success. No matter what, parents always think the best for their children and care for them the most. But do we reciprocate those feelings? Of course we do. We love them and care for them just the way they care for us. But the problem arises when we don’t express it much. We often want to tell them how much care and concern we have for them but are clueless about how to do it. So here are some simple ways how you can give your parents their deserved share of happiness and tell them that you care.

10. Keep your room clean

keep your room clean

Yes, I know it’s a daily chore and you should anyways do that. But aren’t all of us too lazy to keep our room clean that we let the mess accumulate in it? And our parents are too much tired of telling us to clean it. So doing it without their saying in a way shows that you actually listen to them and pay attention to what they say. Whether they know it or not, but you do care about what they say and yell at you for.

9. Ask them what they need and want

ask them what they want and need

Parents take care of each and every need of their child. Be it a small toy their kid is asking for or an expensive gadget, they will control over their expenditures to get you what you want. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any needs or desires of their own. And if you ask them from time to time that whether they want anything, either a materialistic item or an emotional support, they will sure feel good about it and realize that they are taken care of.

8. Shower them with gifts

shower them with gifts

You do not need an occasion to gift anybody and when we are talking about parents, you definitely do not need one. A shirt of his favorite color or a handbag of her favorite brand, get them what they like or something that they would not expect at all. And don’t worry about shelling out huge amounts of money, a simple gift can also pass as a wonderful note of appreciation and concern, like a home-baked cupcake for instance, or a brick of ice cream. You never know how much happiness a simple gesture can inflict upon them.

7. Breakfast in bed

Children Bringing Parents Breakfast in Bed

Don’t you get amazed at how your mom wakes up the earliest in morning and cooks up an entire meal for every member of the family before going to work? We sure consider our parents to be super parents looking at the way they manage millions of tasks at the same time but it isn’t very easy for them though they make it look like that. Making them a breakfast in bed every once in a while can be a nice wake up surprise for your parents which will remind them that how amazing their kids are!

6. Ask them about their past

ask them about their past

Taking interest in one’s life and asking them how their life have been so far shows that you are genuinely keen about them. And it’s a surprising fact that how little we know about our parents. Since we have mostly seen the parent side of them, we cannot really imagine them as a notorious school kid or a carefree college goer. But if you ask them about those times, many secrets are sure to get unveiled.

5. Enjoy their hobbies too

know about their hobbies and revel in them together

After becoming parents, one evolves so much that they have to give up so many things and leave them behind in the past. Your parents too might have given up their hobbies and interests, to raise you and then never got a chance to return back to them. So ask them about their hobbies, their passions and you can together indulge in those activities. It will again make them realize that you are not just engrossed in your own life but also care what they like doing. And it can also turn out to be a nice bonding exercise.

4. Give them a day off

give them a day off

Yes, they need it desperately. Studying for exams or managing a job does seem like a huge task to us and we believe that our lives are so much hectic but we can’t even imagine how much tougher life is for them, going for work, managing the house, raising up children and what not. Giving them a day off from all their duties will show appreciation towards what they do for us and how much we care for them and want them to relax.

3. Spend time together

spend time together

As it is rightly said that time is the most precious gift you can ever give anybody. And when it comes to your parents, they deserve it and you are ought to spend quality time with them as often as you can. Staying busy with our own social groups we often tend to forget about the people at home or even when we want to stay with them, time doesn’t allow that. But it isn’t that difficult, reschedule your commitments to keep your weekend free and on rest of the days try coming home early to have meals together. Parents need to be made felt that they are surrounded with people who love them and care for them.

2. Call them in the middle of the day

call them in middle of the day

Once we get out the house in morning, we seem to have stepped on a treadmill. Travelling, work, friends, official meetings, we get so engrossed in them that we hardly think of our parents during the day. Whether they had lunch or not, what are they doing, do they have any plans for the day, we should know about these things. Calling them up in the middle of the day is a great way to let them know that they were on your mind.

1. Say it more often

say it often

Telling our friends what we feel about them, hugs and kisses are a ritual for us. But how often do you tell your parents that you love them and you care for them? They need to know that no matter how difficult life gets, they have always got your support the way they have given out theirs through all your ups and downs. Make it a point to tell this to your parents as much as you can. They know you care but hearing you say it will make them feel so much better.

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