10 Ways to Spend your Sunday Afternoon

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Sunday, the last day of the week has to be special for a fresh start to upcoming week. Sundays have been observed as a day to relax. Christian mythology describes Sunday as Lord’s Day, the day of Christ resurrection. Since our childhood, Sundays have been the most awaited day of the week. A well spent Sunday leads to an enthusiastic start on Monday. It is always advised to enjoy, relax and spend some quality time, at least once a week. This enhances your health as well as cheers you up for work next day. But we humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. More and more of us find ourselves unable to juggle overwhelming demands and maintain a seemingly unsustainable pace. Paradoxically, the best way to get more done, is to spend more time doing less. An athlete understands this concept very well. The greater the performance demand, greater is the need for renewal.  The renewal should be packed with fun, food and relaxation to boost you for upcoming week.

Here we are trying to make your Sunday more relaxing. Go on; create your own version of perfect Sunday. Here are few exciting options you may consider:


10. Be Lazy

 10.be lazy

It’s Sunday, rather fun day. Sleep as much as you can. It has been proven scientifically that longer sleep hours and shorter afternoon nap boosts productivity. Spending more hours at work often leads to less time for sleep and insufficient sleep takes a substantial toll on performance. This is the best day to get rid of fatigue you have been experiencing throughout week. Be lazy, be selfish postpone your work for just one day in a week.

9. Enjoy special Sunday edition of newspapers!

9.  Enjoy the Special Sunday edition of newspaper with coffee!

You can spice up your Sunday afternoon with special Sunday edition of newspapers and magazines, sipping a cup of coffee or hot chocolate paired up with your favourite snack. Sundays edition of newspaper have always been catchy, you can find lots of interesting articles. And beside this Sundays afternoon offers plenty of spare time to go through your favourite magazine. For the book lovers Sunday would be incomplete without reading. On Sunday afternoon the nerds have plenty of spare time for their favourite book. Eating your favourite snack while reading is like an add on, all you have to do is compromise your diet plan or do extra extra workout, choice is yours!

8. Meditate


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The more I have to work, the more I need to meditate”. Meditation is the best proven way to attain peace of mind. This is practiced by human been since ancient period. It is the best remedy for empowerment. This increases your productivity as well as efficiency. Everyone is so busy; nowadays it is really difficult to take out time for meditation. Sunday morning is perfect time for this, even on Saturdays we have so many piled up chores. You can manage plenty of time to calm yourself with meditation on Sundays. This will motivate you and empower your inner strength. Besides releasing stress and depression, meditation renders many health benefits too.

7. Spend some Quality Time with Beloved ones

7. Spend some Quality Time with Beloved ones

With the changing scenario of survival our lives are set on wheels. We hardly get time to cherish our relationships. No matter how busy you are, there are some people who always expect to seek attention from you. They may be your parents, spouse, or children. You need to pamper these relationships for yourself. You may not realize this but this is the real source of your happiness. Always take out some time from your busy schedule, go out with your spouse, play with your kids, help them with their home work, and visit your parents. The real happiness is when you are happy because you made someone else happy. Try this; it will really make you feel good.

6. Head out into the arms of Nature

6. Head out into the arms of Nature

If you are among the category of nature loving creature then utilise this time. Head out into the arms of nature. Visit any park nearby your place or you may also plan to go to the nearest lake to accomplish your passion for fishing or boating. If you are among those lucky folks who reside near beach then go out, my friend. Let the enormous sea engulf you with it’s soothing breeze. Enjoy the sun. Spend some time admiring the god’s beautiful creation.

5. Turn out Gregarious

5. Turn out Gregarious

This point is for affable folks, to garner admiration from their friends and relatives for initiating hangouts. If you are a social animal don’t miss this chance to plan amiable gathering. Go out with friends for lunch or movie. You can also go for shopping with your best friend. Enjoy each other’s company. Frequent get together are perfect outing as along with rendering refreshment to your mind they replenish your terms too.

4. Time for the Blockbuster you missed

4. Time for the Blockbuster you missed! (Movie)

Yes! It’s Sunday afternoon, to your dismay your leisure time will be over soon. But why to waste time, worrying for tomorrow. You have plenty of time to waste today. Certainly today it’s time to watch a blockbuster you have missed due to your busy schedule. Let your favourite actor take the charge to entertain you. Prepare a popcorn treat for yourself. It’s the best time to utilize your home theater.

3. Pamper Yourself

3.pamper yourself

Sunday afternoon is the best time to cherish your obsession for yourself. Be selfish. Take out time to pamper yourself. Take a nice steam bath, go for a manicure, pedicure, spa or whatever you like. Relax while spending time with yourself. Match up this soothing time with your favourite music. Let all your worries fade away in your obsession for yourself. Cherish your love for yourself.

2. Dinner with family

2.dinner with family

I couldn’t think of a more perfect end to weekend other than spending it with family. This is very important aspect in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere within family. In fact I would suggest that the entire family members should have dinner together as frequently as possible. Everyone gets to know what is going on in their beloved’s lives. Discussing ups and downs of your life with family enhances the happiness of achievement and lessens the pain of loss. This way you will be able to build up a strong bond of affection and understanding.


  1. Don’t think About Monday
1.don't think about

The first and foremost thing everyone should do on Sunday is Don’t think about Monday. A Sunday spent in planning your Monday schedule exhausts your mind rather than relaxing. You may feel burdened. Sundays are meant for you to relax yourselves. Always utilize your Sunday to cheer up and relax.

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  • Veni Ram

    Do u know what mind voice do I have in the weekdays! Of course, eagerly waiting for the weekend that to Sunday to come, to enjoy the laziness in me! Sundays need not be a special but be careful to not make this a waste day as this day gives you a fresh start to the coming week.