10 Ways to Tolerate An Obnoxious Annoying Friend

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You love them and feel sorry at the same time for their offensive behavior. You hate it when they start complaining about others or make the friendly atmosphere turn into coffee table gossip corner. They are your friends so you can’t of course ditch them. But sometimes it gets on your nerves. Sometimes they are just a little difficult to take. Before you lash out at them for no good reason, you will need to learn to cope with such types of friends. You feel like yelling at them. Sometimes you even start to wonder whether you are in the right company. But your friend is too good for that. Just because he is being an obnoxious lad, doesn’t make him an altogether bad person. It is true that we never choose our friends. Nature has a way of letting likes and alike meet each other. As I recall from a popular Bollywood movie, that one doesn’t get his partner by blowing a trumpet about. You just happen to know that he or she is the right one for you. A common denominator is more than enough to strengthen the bonds of friendship. But what would you do if the friend turns out to be the most irritating person on this planet? Rather throwing him off board, you would like to follow the below tips.

10. Counselling


It is possible that your friend has some serious emotional issues which need to be addressed right away. Ask them about their problems as to why they gossip and goof around so much. If your friend has been cheated by his partner or by his parents or siblings, it is obvious for him to avenge on every other person near him. Be grateful that you are his friend or else you would not have been spared. Have a counseling session or arrange for one. If you wish to keep your friendship, then this is a good way to nurture your relationship. But if you have decided to walk away, go ahead.

9. Third person


Sometimes you might get too steamed up due to their improper behavior. Talk to your close friends about it. They would know how to calm you down. Use them as your backup. If you want to get around such messy situations, your one sign might send your good friend to make up some excuse. Both of you will be spared the obnoxiousness.

8. Nod and accept


“Yeah I know that, seriously, uh-huh, yes I heard about it.” Disinterest is the best way to zone out. Let your mind wander off while you are nodding and accepting your friend’s ranting about the day. Show that you are completely absorbed in whatever he is talking about. Back there in your mind, you are thinking of your girl/boyfriend or the dinner date you are about to have. Doing this will transcend you through the torture and will not turn your friend against you.

7. Go stealth


Don’t accept their phone calls. Go underground. Avoid them in a good way. Have your parents tell them that you are not well or you have been infected with the common cold. If they are too smart to fall in the trap, avoid eye contact with them. Ask for some alone time and dash off. Think of similar excuses. It is true making excuses is not your way, especially when you are lying to your friends. But if the friend in question is not a close one, you can simply tell them the truth and move on.

6. Mirror, mirror


Public speakers practice their speeches in front of the mirror. It seems that they talk to the audience and their fear of public speaking is gone. Practice what you want to say to them in front of the glass. This way you can monitor and control your meanness and tone. Work on your facial expressions such that you don’t sound too harsh. Try different ways and sentences such that you will make your friend realize how annoying they really can be.

5. Relax yourself


Collect your thoughts. Relax and let it go. Before confronting them about their nasty behavioral problems, think of your decision- whether it will be hurtful or not. Take a deep breath and a few walks up and down the road. This will help you in reconciling yourself with the good ‘you’. Speak carefully and keep the criticisms to the minimum. They are your friend and will ultimately understand. It is up to you if you want it the harsh way or the good way.

4. Speak up!


Just tell them that they are getting under everyone’s nerves. It is the best and the healthiest thing to do when you want to keep the relationships intact. This way you are transparent with yourself and your peers. When they make a nasty joke, don’t just sit there and sulk in it or laugh it off as within no time they will crack another one. Tell them that you don’t like it and to please stop. Be seriously affirmative. If they are taking you in a joking manner, aggression will definitely solve the problem.

3. Think of the good stuff


When your friend is back biting, think of all the times that he has helped you. It could be a small one where he helped you with an assignment or a big deed where he saved you from getting beat up or embarrassed. He is a good person at heart and that is why he is by your side. Remember those times when you had fun together and went to parties. Those were the good times. When at times like this, think of such moments.

2. Exclude


When the matter goes out of your bounds, it is better to think smart and and take appropriate actions. What do you do when an apple in the lot goes rotten? You pick it and discard it. Well, surely you are not going to such a thing with your friend, but you can start to ignore him. Veto him out of your group. Tell him to mend his ways or you will have to be strict. Fundamentally he is insecure and will think twice before he carries on with his habits. The only way to be worth something is to get a group’s acknowledgement. Hence you will have your good old friend back.

1. Let them taste too!


This should be used when everything else on this list fails. This is sometimes the last and the only resort to do when everything else fails. Show them how really annoying they are. Give them a taste of their own medicine. It will be a wake-up call for those who yet fail to understand their behavior. Unfriend and unfollow them as said in the lingo these days. This is the solution where you are being annoyed at the social media sites. When everything else in the cards are not giving you any positive results, it is the right time that you start to play their game. Do not keep competing and arguing with them unnecessarily. You know they will not learn a single thing by your useful advice. Instead chalk out a plan in your brain to avenge their wrong doings.

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