11 Essentials when Hiring Handymen Services

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With small household repair chores such as fixing of wires or electronic components, fixing of broken windows and doors, plumbing, kitchen sinks, and gardening; it is not feasible to hire a specialist for each type of repair.  Moreover, these tasks cannot be initiated by way of small DIY projects and require special tools, equipment, and knowledge.

Therefore, hiring a one in all, a general contractor becomes essential.

A general contractor, or more precise to say a handyman, is regarded as a jack of all trades when it comes to home repairs and maintenance.  handyman provide a wide range of services to help you get over petty repair and maintenance issues of your home.

But you cannot simply bring anyone to your home to perform the home repair tasks. Or hire one who swindles you or fixes everything incorrectly, compelling you to go back and hire another professional. So it is a necessity to look for a right handyman.

However, finding a reliable handyman is not always easy. It calls for some efforts and time on your part too. To help you find, hire a handyman, here are some tips you should follow.

Jot Down your Requirements:

Before you get started with the process of hiring a reliable handyman, make it a practice to list down your requirements. handyman usually perform a large array of home repair services ranging from installation to painting or carpentry.

Making a list of all the requisite tasks makes it easier to select the right person for work and save you economies in long run.

Obtain Reliable Local References:

The first and foremost step of beginning the search for odd-jobbers is collecting references form the people who have recently worked with them. Most of the times, word of mouth is often used by handyman to build their repute in the market.

Take assistance of internet or your neighbours to locate reliable handyman in your area and prepare a list of all such candidates.

In addition to this, take steps to ask for customer referrals from various handyman. Make proper arrangements to meet them and learn from their experiences.

Determine their Scope of Work:

handyman, as defined as a jack of all trades, work in various fields.

Not all handyman specialize in all areas; some may hold expertise in minimal jobs while others may specialize in electrical or painting chores. Some home projects may be too complex for handyman to handle.  Hence, it becomes crucial to identify the requirements and select the most suitable person for the job.

Seek Licenses and Certifications:

As handyman work in different areas, it is not possible for them to possess licenses in all the fields. Yet, proper certifications are a mandate where they hold specialization in a particular work area.

Moreover, most of the states require the handyman working with electrical components or plumbing to hold certifications and requisite licenses.

Though you might feel uncomfortable or unreasonable to ask for their credentials, yet it is crucial to obtain a copy of the certificates prior to having them processed with the work.

Interview at least Three handyman:

Don’t rush in and hire the person you meet at the very first instance. Look for at least three handyman. Hold meetings with them and discuss your project.

Similarly, you can ask for their experience working on corresponding projects, areas of specialty and customer referrals.

Considerably, interviewing the potential handyman will not only help you in determining their scope of work and areas of expertise but also make them aware of your expectations from the project.

Request Estimates ahead of Time:

After you have interviewed various odd-jobbers, it is equally important to ask for estimates ahead of time. Obtaining estimates prior to the initialization of work will help you in having a clear understanding of the services offered by them. Also, make sure that the estimates contain information pertaining to the type and quality of materials to be used.

Moreover, these estimates are further helpful in comparing various handyman and selecting the most reliable one. Also, they help in avoiding confusions, misunderstanding in the future.

Know the Type of Guarantee Offered:

But obviously, you would want a person who is liable, responsible for the work done.

Hence, guarantees and warranties are a way to assure their work and likely warry depending on the type and amount of work to be performed.

Know the type of guarantee offered by the odd-jobbers and make sure it is in writing.  A written guarantee, warranty of work assures you the quality services of the handyman and makes them liable for faulty workmanship.

Beware of Red flags:

Usually, trustworthy, good handyman do not solicit their services door to door. Beware of those who knock up your door offering odd-man services.

Also, refrain from those who insist on payments before the work actually begins.  handyman avoiding written contracts, offering door to door services or asking for payment before the work starts are possible signs of red flags. Be cautious and don’t get entrapped in the faulty practices of various handyman.

Establish a Schedule of Work:

Determine when the odd-jobber ill begin their work and how long will it take to end the project.  On these bases, make a schedule of work and hold the handyman till the work gets completed.  This is extremely important to avoid the hassles of unaccomplished projects or swindling of the handyman.

Discuss the Payment Methods in Detail:

Alike different areas of specialization of handyman, they are likely to charge different rates for their services.  Some may follow a policy of charging and hourly fees while others may prefer a project fee.

It is vital to discuss these payment methods beforehand. Also, both the methods have their own merits and demerits.

Hourly payment basis distresses homeowners from being overcharged due to inefficiency on the part of handyman.  On the other hand, the project cost may involve some hidden fees in it.

So, all the payment methods of each handyman should be studied, analyzed carefully and then one shall be chosen.

Get everything done in Writing:

Written agreements are beneficial as they contain detailed information about the project that is further helpful in avoiding controversies in the future.

Therefore, before you sign a written agreement, make sure that you are well-versed with all the items contained in it. Ensure that all the information relating to the duration, costs, and insurance is well stated in it.

Refrain from those handyman who don’t provide written estimates along with their avoidance for a written contract.


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