3 Common Problems Fixed with Elevator Maintenance

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When you think about an elevator breakdown, generally there are two scenes that come to your mind. The first is that scene from the Tower of Terror, where the elevator just free falls from the thirteenth floor, and everybody in it dies, while the second scene is quite the opposite, when two people are alone in the elevator and the elevator stops halfway, and these two people suddenly feel love flowing between them. Now, both these cases are very sought after as common elevator problems, but I am really afraid that, these are not. These are far too dramatic to happen in the little-known world of elevator maintenance.
Elevators are important. Today, in this modern world, there are specific commercial sectors which have got buildings which has got tens and hundreds of stories, where it is really not possible for people to walk up the stairs every day. Therefore, elevators are of great help in these job sectors. With this much people commuting by the elevator every day, the elevator should be check for faults routinely. A trusted elevator maintenance company offers maintenance service for many common problems that may happen with the elevator.
The first problem that might happen with the elevator is long waiting time. No one wants to wait for twenty minutes, for the elevator to come down to the first floor, and then again twenty minutes to go to the twenty third floor. There is always a constraint about time, in the morning, and this is the time, elevators are needed the most. Long waiting time, is the most general complaint received, and there might be several reasons for it. Defective relays or the thick wires, and an old system are the most common cause of a slow elevator system. This is the time where the building owner should call for an experienced elevator service. An elevator system is like a human being, as it grows old, it just doesn’t want to go up or down, it just wants to sit at some place. Relays are those part of an elevator which controls the going up and down of the elevator. The maintenance company can see through the problem, and may change the relays, which will solve the problem partially.
The second problem might be power costs. An elevator system runs by electricity, and just like any other system in the world, as it grows old, it consumes more power and hence the electricity bills are high. Just as your air conditioning system ages, and therefore consumes more power to work, lift systems also consumes more power, once they are outdated. A company may solve this problem by installing new motors and other parts that might consume power.
Overheating is the most serious of all problems that might happen with an elevator. Mostly, the mechanical system of an elevator system is located outside of the building, and that can be a drastic problem. On warm days, when the temperature is high, the mechanical room might get too hot, thereby making the system too hot to run, and it generally breakdowns. Since, the mechanical rooms do not have central heating and air, the complete breakdown of the system doesn’t seem odd. To solve this problem, the building owner can have the mechanical room relocated to a safe and cold place inside the building, which will avoid the problem of a breakdown.
Elevator maintenance is a must for all building, and it is extremely useful for safe commuting. Solucore Inc, an elevator solution located all over Canada, is one of the best in elevator maintenance. With a trusted company like Solucore doing the work of maintenance, your minds will be at ease, every time the elevator door closes.

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