3 Essential Components for Your Traffic Management Plan

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Traffic management is an important part of our lives. Be it for the safety of people working on construction sites or pedestrians walking on the road. In order to prevent any mishap before happening, prevention is always the safe case. The primary function of a Traffic management organization is to alleviate risks as much as possible. The Traffic Management is for the welfare of the companies working on municipal streets, and multi-lane freeways ensuring there is safety for workers, drivers, and pedestrians. It is a way to provide maximum protection of the employees of the warehouses or builders on construction sites while they work efficiently, besides facilitating a hassle-free movement of traffic. Apart from the appropriate equipments used for this traffic management, a well devised plan of action is also necessary. There are portable traffic signals for this traffic action at night. Most mishaps and accidents occur at night because of the minimal visibility. The management uses highly trained traffic control persons to maintain an easy flow of traffic with no hurdle. Your work zone should be safe so there is complete management of the site. There are three essential components for traffic management plan namely as below:


  • Signages:

During construction and warehouse ongoings, signages are the refugees for safety and easy passing of automobiles and passerby on road. The reflector markers and lines on the roads alert the passersby of the ongoings on the road ahead and also keep them on their guard if it is any prohibited area. There are signages for Pedestrian zones, No crossing, steep gradient, Speed Breakers, Under Construction, Blind sites, or No Entry zones that alert the pedestrians and everyone passing by. While installing signages and sign board, it should be kept in mind that they are legible from far off, during high speed and above eye level.

  • Vehicle Routes:

Keeping in mind the busy and crowded lanes for locomotion, while managing traffic for warehouse and construction sites, the route of the vehicles need to be diverted. It is for the safety of everyone, the construction employees and the traffic moving. One has to take care of the lanes through which the haulage vehicles like forklifts and cranes are transporting raw materials, and the one used for other vehicles. A one-way traffic system is also used in this case when vehicles are needed to be hauled, and take a reverse direction.


  • Safe Crossing and Pedestrian Zones:

Most of the times the warehouses work with machine power, but there might be times when the workers would be required to carry materials from across. Provision for safe crossing should be made to avoid any casualty. These safe crossing zones should be clearly marked in bright fluorescent colors that shine at night to direct the vehicles where to go and where not. Any other pedestrian should be stopped in these vehicle ridden zones. Also, there should be pedestrian zones for only the passersby to move with the restriction of any vehicle.


Thus, Traffic management holds utmost importance. Especially, when it comes to the safety and protection of people walking on road or travelling via vehicles, along with the workers on warehouse and construction works.

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