4 Important Factors in Choosing a Bunk Bed

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Wondering about the best way to utilize your living space and still get a comfortable and cozy sleeping place? Well, look no further and go for a loft or bunk bed. This could be the best choice to consider especially for kids. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to buy another house which could fulfill your spatial needs, these bunk beds could be your savior. Moreover, it is found that children find it pretty amazing to sleep and play on such beds.

Bunk beds can also be used in camps, hostels and other places where multiple children have to be accommodated in limited space. These loft beds not only come in different qualities and sizes but also different arrangements. The heights, the direction, and the joints all are important parts of the bunk beds. Although there is no particular guide for buying the perfect loft beds, but there are some tips which you can follow to select the most suitable for you.

When safety is the topmost priority

There could be many things which could compromise the safety of people using the bunk beds. As a majority of the age group for which loft beds are made lies between 5-16 years, the safety concern becomes one of the biggest challenges. The guardrail safety in such beds is of prime importance so that safety can be ensured. Many times small children get trapped in the bed and aren’t able to come out because of faulty climbing stairs which sometimes are not evenly spaced. It becomes important for you to choose well-known brands, which can ensure the safety and are made according to the regulations and standards.

The Killer looks

Many of the beds come in different designs. Some of the beds can be made according to various themes ranging from a cartoon, movies to comics. These beds could be custom made. Many a times multiple drawers and cabinets can be constructed in these beds. This helps in increasing the storage capacity and would be great for smaller rooms.


Many of the retail stores don’t provide the shipping of the bunk beds. Even when they do, they may charge exorbitantly high prices. Shopping online could be a deal saver for you as many of the furniture webstores provide free shipping of the bunk bed, or ship it at pretty low rates.


Choose your material wisely

Buying furniture is much of an investment and lasts very long. It becomes important to understand that it is better to shell a few bucks more and buy a bed which would last long rather than saving some money and buying an unsafe and low-quality bed. Usually, it is seen that the beds made of hardwood tend to last much longer. But choosing a bed which includes least screws and nuts would be better as they may get loose after some time.

The heavier the wooden bed, the better it would be able to survive the jumps of your kids. You should stay away from the metal beds as they might get dents.

So, make sure that your bunk bed doesn’t only look good, but is of the topmost quality which would ensure safety of the user.

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