5 Benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Marketing

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There was a time when most of the marketing of real estate sale was through open houses, brochures or simple classified ads. But times have changed, and changed are the ways of real estate marketing. Welcome, virtual and 3D real estate tours.

Virtual tours are a must-have tool in a modern-day real estate agent’s arsenal. By leveraging the power of the internet and modern scanning technologies, it is easy to create virtual tours. Just contact a real estate virtual tour company, decide on the property and you are good to go.

But what makes virtual tours so successful and effective? Aren’t they just some images arranged in 3D space? If you believe if that is what virtual tours are, then you are mistaken. Here are 5 benefits of virtual tours for real estate marketing.

Attractive New View

For the people who have never experienced a virtual tour, it’s a completely new experience. They find it amusing and it arouses feelings of wonder. And that is what marketing is all about. You want to stimulate feelings for your products in the minds of your customers.

It signals a modern buyer that the agent is technologically up to date. They will be impressed by the new presentation and will pay attention to your pitches.

Interactive and Engaging

Virtual tours are interactive. Be it a smartphone, a desktop or a tablet, it works everywhere and the customer can fully interact the models. They can zoom in, move to different rooms, check out the surrounding areas and so much more without losing their attention span.

They engage the customer for longer periods than the traditional slideshows and pictures. This extra engagement can mean a closed deal.

More Details than a Simple Image

A virtual tour can show much more details when compared to a simple image or a slideshow. They can check out many details that most photographs miss. You get a real 360 tour of the house.

It allows the buyer to see what they want to see and not what the agent wants to show them. For example, if they are concerned about the bathroom, they have the full freedom to do so.

Convenience for Buyers and Agents

Virtual tours are a godsend for those buyers who feel lazy to step out of their current place for research. It also helps people who want to check out the place but don’t have the means to travel there. Without stepping out of the room they can check the garden area, visualize their furniture placements or even start planning a welcome party.

For agents, it is a great way to organize an open house without going through the hassles of organizing, staging, note-taking, etc. He can share the link to the virtual tour to all of his clients at the same time and all of them can interactively check it without disturbing each other.

Competitive Advantage                 

An agent can harness the power of virtual tours to stand out from the competition. You can embed a link to the virtual tour in all of your digital assets like email, social pages or your own website.

This helps you target customers in an effective manner as many studies have revealed that buyers are more likely to choose an agent who provides virtual tours of the property over the ones who don’t provide this option.

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