5 Best Winter Special Dishes in India

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Winter is already here, and we can see its breath already clouding the pond, frosting the pane and obscuring the memory of summer. In this sweater weather with boots and bonfire, there’s great variation in winter vegetables and fruits in India. Hence with this great variety, come greater innovation in food recipes.

So here are five amazing lip-smacking indian food dishes only curated for winters that have not only found their place in Indian households but also on the plates of international tourists.


This tops the chart when it comes to the top winter cuisines dessert list. This is a mandatory winter delicacy that is enjoyed by everyone throughout the country. The plenty of carrots that appear in the market, usually goes on to be grated to make this heavenly dish called Gajar ka Halwa. It is further enriched with tons of mawa, hint of fragmented cardamom and topped with cashews, almonds, and pistachios. The presence of pure ghee and so many nuts, makes it rich in fat which further helps you fight the chilly weather.


This dish means bringing Punjab home. One cannot talk about “Punjabi food” and not bring Sarson da saag in conversation. The aroma of saag in slow-cooking mustard oil with other fresh produce on the side and make di roti with a generous dollop of homemade makkhan (Butter) is devine. So if you want to celebrate winters with good health, dig into those greens for all they are worth i.e. rich in anti-oxidants and other nutritional minerals.


Gaund is basically an edible natural gum, which is mined from the bark of a tree. Pale, brownish yellow coloured crystals are easily available in shops. People say “ Feed as many good fats to your body as you can in winter. It keeps you going for the entire year”. These laddoos help you beat the merciless winters and feeds your body with that good fat. Most people have it in the morning for breakfast with warm milk, however it can be thoroughly enjoyed as a dessert even after a nice meal!


Winters and homemade Undhiyu are inseparable! Know why? Because winters bring all those lovely vegetables which can be used to cook Undhiyu. This is a regional speciality from Surat, Gujrat. Right from root veggies, the beans, ripe banana, brinjals to micro greens like coriander and fenugreek work wonderfully for this dish. This recipe is repeated in every kitchen during the winter months.


A Bengali will always connect anything that corresponds to Nolen Gur. One just cannot resist the Bangla’s most loved sweets, also known as Nolen Gur sandesh/Misti. Nolen Gur or Khejur Gur is a Bengal delicacy usually found during the winter season. During this season it is made from boiling the sap of date palm. It is used for infusing not just flavour but warmth. So indulge with a sweet and delicious treat with Nolen Gur. Jaggery season at its best and experience a sweet blast.

So wait no more, open your kitchen for all kinds of goodness especially the ones that the season serves and cozy up with lots of warming dishe

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