5 Great Tips for Elevator Repair and Maintenance

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Elevators have become a crucial part of sky-high buildings. Moving people in and out of the building, whether they’re customers, employees or residents or taking material from one floor to another – elevators are undoubtedly the safest form of mechanical transportation.

Considering the importance of this equipment, it is essential to carry out regular servicing and repairs to keep up with the safety standards of elevators, prolong its lifespan and successfully reduce its downtime.

Checking your elevators frequently for any need of repairs helps you in addressing the issues at the earliest and save huge heaps of money spent otherwise due to negligence.

Every elevator installation comes with a maintenance guide that has to be properly read through for keeping your elevator in a great condition for years to come. Let us revise those guidelines and ensure proper maintenance and safe and secure travel via elevators –

Record every single operation problem

It is very important to keep a log of your elevator’s performance. Track the frequency of its usage and see how often it shows signs of any problem. Look out for recurring patterns such as problems arising during peak times, sticking doors or any strange sounds popping regularly during the day.

Note every single detail in your log and discuss it with your elevator repair service to help them fix the problem better and faster.

Carry out regular inspections

When it comes to keeping elevators in top condition, it is better to have a proactive approach. You should inspect the elevators regularly and double check if everything is in a normal working condition. Keep a vigilant eye on the smallest of issues and get them fixed to avoid major blunders.

Remember – neglecting or prolonging the repairs of an elevator can make you suffer beyond your imagination.

Replace the flawed equipment immediately

With regular usage, every machinery gets worn out so does your elevator. The bulbs may burn out, the switches may malfunction or the alarm buttons may become non-responsive. Hence, getting them repaired by a professional immediately would save you and others from any unfortunate mishaps or inconveniences.

Don’t keep the impaired equipment hanging around to avoid nuisance complaints.

Never use industrial cleaning products

The internal mechanisms of elevators are highly prone to corrosion and abrasion when they come in contact with any hard substance. That is why; you should always avoid using harsh industrial products to clean the elevators or their parts.

Use cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturer or supplier of the elevator or take advice from some experienced contractors.

Keep up with weight guidelines

One of the most common causes of premature aging or crashing of an elevator is overloading it with heavy items or too many people. Transporting goods through elevators require extra care and caution on your part or the staff managing the process otherwise it can hamper the functioning of the elevator and even pose a risk to the occupants inside.

Generally, the weight in the elevator cab should never exceed than a quarter of the cab’s maximum capacity. Consider installing a separate elevator for your heavy transportations.

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