5 Home Selling Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Everyone has a dream of owning a house that they can call home. You invest a sizeable chunk of your savings in it and take a big mortgage. You continue to pay it over the years and one day it’s all yours. Your first home. You start to do better in your life and now your home feels like a limitation. You want to move on to a bigger and better house.

Then what do you do? Of course, you decide to sell your house. Till now you were just a first-time buyer. But selling a house will also make you a first time home seller. How difficult can it be? The truth is, very. With the ever-changing real estate marketing conditions, every day is a new challenge.

But don’t fret, selling a home is a challenge that has big rewards. Everyone talks about what to do when you are selling a house but do not disclose the mistakes. Here are 5 home selling mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Skimping on Curb Appeal

What most people don’t consider while selling is the curb appeal of the home. If you want better prices then get ready to invest some time in decorating, cleaning and organizing your area. You can call a professional or if you have some spare time in your hands then DIY is also an option.

This time spent on the beautification will surely attract better offers. Also, don’t forget to include some high-quality photos in your listing. Not showcasing your home in the best possible way is one of the worst possible things that you can do.

Asking More Than it Deserves

Some naïve buyers may get into your trap but be true to yourself and price the house in a fair manner. You don’t have to under-price it but don’t forget it’s the market that decides the rates.

Having a high markup will only deter the potential buyers. Study the market and add to the asking price accordingly.

Ignoring Your Agent

You should never skimp on the choice of a good real estate agent. The help, advice, and support your agent can provide are invaluable. An experienced realtor knows the market in and out. He can help you market your home, give you insights on the preparation and also help in clearing the legal procedures.

Focussing on the Season

People often make the mistake of focussing too much on the season. No, spring is not the only time when people buy homes. In fact, selling your home in the offseason might help you to bag a better deal.

People buy houses all the time so don’t wait for that perfect season. Start preparing for the sale right now.

Not Being Ready for Repairs

Odors, broken appliances, bad doors, bad lighting fixtures and other required repairs should not be avoided at any costs. Even if you think you made all the repairs, a visitor will likely bring out a fault in it. So be prepared and if any repairs pop up then finish it ASAP.

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