5 Main Body Armor Myths You Must Know

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We all know the importance of body armor for protection and security purposes. You might have also seen military men, security guards, police and executive protection providers wearing bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, side plates, carrying a weapon.


Seeing the men in defence services and your favourite movie actor wearing ballistic armor may lead you into an illusion and myths associated with ballistic body armor. The most common of all is that one type of body armor can provide all levels of protection to the wearer. That is where most people make mistakes. Besides, thanks to the actor in your favourite action movie who perform all sorts of stunts wearing body armor, fooling audience.


If you are intrigued to know the truths related to ballistic body armor, you are at the right place. Let’s debunk some of the myths linked with body armor-


Myth1: Bulletproof vests protect against bullets- The most common myth related to body armor is that people consider bulletproof vests to be actually bulletproof, but they are bullet-resistant in the right words. Bulletproof vests can alleviate the effects of bullets, shards of glass, cartridges and shells. That is why you can see all the policemen and security personnel wearing bulletproof vests during their duty hours.


Myth2: Body armor protects against all types of explosives- Every type of body armor is designed and manufactured, keeping in mind a certain level of protection. If you think that a single body vest can protect you against every armament, then you are wrong. If you visit a professional body armor store, you will find a variety of body armors, produced for every emergency action.


Myth3: All type of body armor offers the same level of protection- As said earlier, there are various types of body armors providing a different level of security. For instance, if you are in the line of safeguarding civilians in the city, your body vests are designed to avert sharp objects approaching you.


However, if you are serving your country on borders, the body armor is designed to administer the high level of protection against fired bullets and explosives. Whichever body armor you may choose, they are tested and then merchandised.


Myth4: Body armor can be worn under clothes- All types of body armor cannot be worn under your uniform or other clothes. Body armors are of two kinds- concealable and overt. Concealable body armors can be worn under the clothes and they do not hinder with the movement while in action, whereas, overt body armor can cause discomfort and may divert your focus when you are on duty. Moreover, it may be detectable and look weird.


Myth5: Body armor absorbs the impact of sharp objects- Many people believe that if a bulletproof vest protects against bullet shells and fired bullets, it can also prove to be effective in case of sharp objects like stabbing with a knife and other weapons. That is not the case, though! There are stab-resistant body vests for protecting against stabbing. Keep in mind that every vest is manufactured in a way that they can serve for a particular purpose.

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