5 Piano Moving Tips

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It is quite common nowadays that people plan to rent a piano before actually buying one. People normally follow this approach in order to be firm about their decision about actually purchasing a piano. The weight of a piano becomes an issue when you think of moving it, no matter you have an upright or grand piano.

The pianos which are in the ‘lightweight’ category weigh around 300 pounds or so. The range for the heavier ones begin at 500 pounds and can go up to1300 pounds. Basically the weight is quite dependent on the year of manufacture and the way it has been built. If you visualise 2 people moving a light weight piano, it is no big deal. But when we consider moving a piano like a 1910 upright piano, we definitely cannot expect two people to do it.

There are cases when many people literally have to lift the piano in order to move it because dragging it would lead to scratching of the wooden floors. Pianos are delicate to climate/temperature changes such as humidity and movement. So, if by any chance, you have your piano stored in a damp garage against a cold wall, it is advisable to move it into a warmer place.

You may wish to consider an expert licensed piano mover who has all the apt material including crates, ramps, blanket coverings, and pads ramps to avoid any damage due to bumping while on the move.

So, basically there are certain factors on which the cost of moving a piano depends on. They are as follows:

  1. Type of Piano
  2. Distance to be covered while moving
  3. Challenges while moving
  4. Amount of Help
  5. Urgency of Move


Furthermore, the cost could also be based on per hour basis or it may be a flat price. It is best that you talk to the local vendor available in your locality to at least get a rough idea about everything.

The one golden rule to remember while getting a piano moved is to move it with the front side facing forward and walk straight maintaining the balance. Fortunately for us, there were no tight turns in the process and no stairs to climb. You must provide the piano with adequate time to adapt to its surroundings well. Make sure that you wait a couple of weeks before giving your local piano tuner a call.

Moving is a tedious job to do, be it a piano or anything else. Since it is such a time consuming task, we hope that you don’t have to repeat the process of ‘moving’ over and over again.

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