5 Tips for Water Softener Installation and Maintenance

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Water softeners are a great choice of investment! However, in order for your water softener to work properly, it is important for it to be installed and maintained properly. The best person you should call in for these two functions, is someone from a reliable and professional company. Companies that offer installation and maintenance services after the sale of the product are the best companies to buy from. Listed below are five ways you can install and care for your water softener if you end up buying it from a company that does not offer these additional services-
Installation Process
1. Placement- Ensure that you install your water softener in an area in which it will remain undisturbed
2. Your Toolkit- before you start the installation process, make sure that you have all the necessary tools required. Ideally, you should not have to stop in the middle of the process and go hunting
3. Follow the Instructions- if you don’t want to call in the services of a professional to do the installation, your best recourse of action is to follow every instruction in the manual carefully and precisely.
4. A helping hand will go a long way- while the rest of the installation process is easy to handle on your own, certain components of it such as the brine tank are too heavy for one person to carry. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to have someone helping you
1. Use the right type of salt- the most common salt is used rock salt as is the most inexpensive option available. However, pure salt is the better option as it does not wear out your brine tank or clog the control valve
2. Add the right amount- it is important to make sure that there is just enough salt in the tank. This means it should not be more than two-thirds full at any point
3. Pure salt is not sufficient- make sure that you use solutions such as Iron-Out at least once a year to ensure that the resin bed and control valves of the water softener are clean
4. Clean the Brine Tank- while pure salt is a better option than rock salt, it still possesses contaminants that can build up in the tank. In order to avoid too much build up of sediments, ensure that you clean the tank at least once a year
5. Position the Drain Line well- in some cases, it is possible for the drain line to draw in sewage. In order to avoid this, place your drain line over the grate instead of inside the ground to avoid such problems.
In order to avoid these hassles, it is best to just hire professionals to do the work for you. Air Tree offers excellent 3M water softener systems that come in different sizes and designs. You can pick the system that is best for you, depending on your need and the amount of space you have. Click on http://airtreecanada.com/product-category/3m-water-softener to know more.

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