5 Ways to Protect Your Hearing Health

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Ears are one of the sensitive organs of your body and they must be protected at all cost. Once you lose your hearing power, there is no going back. This is the reason you see advertisements regarding hearing loss in most of the hospitals.


If you find yourself becoming a victim to hearing loss, then either take precautions or get your hearing assessment done by a specialist. Don’t wait until it becomes too late to get a solution to your problem.


Taking care of your ears is a must if you want them to work until you get too old. So down below are given some ways of how you can protect your ears and hearing health-


Make use of earplugs around noise prone areas-


Noise-induced hearing loss is very common in people who work in areas with high noise level or spend leisure time in loud music.

Any place where tools or machines create a high level of noise and where one has to shout to make someone hear your voice requires some serious safety measures. One of them is using earplugs to protect your ears. Earplugs can block the loud noise from damaging your ear membrane that is highly fragile and sensitive.


Turn down the volume-


Most of the teenagers have hearing problems because of the excess use of ear buds or headphones while watching series or listening to music. If you like to enjoy music through ear buds or headphones, make sure not to use it continuously or at high volume.


Ear buds are dangerous as compared to headphones since they directly fit in the ears near the eardrum. Therefore, avoid using it excessively.


Avoid using cotton swabs in your ears-


Many people use cotton swabs to clean their ears and ear wax. But it is not advisable since ears are self-cleaning organs and ear wax is important for your ears as it keeps the dust and harmful particles from going inside the ear canal. However, if you have an excess of ear wax then use a damp cloth or an ear solution that will soften the wax and it will eventually flow on its own.


Take medicines prescribed by doctors-


Certain medication like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen can contribute to hearing loss if taken without consulting a doctor. Therefore, we will suggest you to always ask your doctor before taking any medicine, even the ones related to ears.


If you feel any problem or pain then instead of wasting time on home remedies, get it checked by a doctor. You can now consult Healthy Hearing which is a hearing aid clinic and they even provide hearing check-up services for homes. It is the best option for those who cannot leave their homes or someone who cannot spare time out their busy schedule.


Practice some exercise daily-


Yes, you heard us right! Exercise can improve the hearing. Cardio, running, walking and cycling can pump the blood in all parts of your body including ears which helps in the smooth functioning of ears and keeping the internals parts of the ear healthy.

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