A Guide To Commercial Pressure Washer

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Although most homeowners are used to washing their cars and their driveways or patios with a common garden hose, a commercial pressure washer is always a better option if you’re looking for more efficient results. A rough estimate says that a garden hose generates only about 40 PSI, the unit of measurement for the pressure created, while a commercial washer has the capacity of generating anywhere from 1000 PSI to even upwards of 4000 PSI. This number is evidently determined by the kind of commercial washer that you purchase.

Even though there are numerous options available in the market for commercial pressure washers, it is recommended that you filter these choices through your own preferences and purposes. Thereby, the following enumeration of guidelines will assist you in settling down on the best commercial pressure washer in accordance with your requirements.


What Does A Commercial Unit Do?

The unit of measurement that you will be frequently encountering in this context is the PSI. PSI usually is indicative of the water pressure that is created by your commercial pressure washer. This number can range anywhere from 1000 to 4000 PSI, as aforementioned. The commercial pressure washers that are categorized on the spectrum of this PSI can be broadly divided into light duty, medium duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty pressure washers.
However, for domestic uses the commercial pressure washer that is categorized on the light duty use it is considered to be the most ideal. In general, they are said to generate the pressure of 2000 PSI and are conducive to all the tasks that you would need from a commercial pressure washer in your residence.
The estimated price of such commercial pressure washers can range anywhere from $100 to $1100. The PSI, or the pounds per square inch, would be around 1300 to 1400. The GPM, or the gallons per minute, would range from 1.2 to 4. These commercial pressure washer usually only support cold water.

​Do You Get A Gas or An Electric Pressure Washer?

Whether you are getting a commercial or a semi-professional washer unit, you would first have to determine if you want a gas or an electric washer system. Although the advantages of each would really be dependent on the kind of use you are looking for, the succeeding lines would give you a brief overview of the benefits and the specifications of each type.
For the gas type washer units, you would get a PSI that ranges from 2200 to 4000 and a GPM of about 2.1 to even 4. The price of this unit can approximately be placed at 250 dollars.
On the other hand, for the electric subtype, you would have a PSI that falls anywhere between 1300 to 2500, with a GPM of 1.3 to 1.8. The price of this type of system would start at 100 dollars and move up depending on the added particularities.

What ​Size Should You Get?

Again, both gas and electric pressure washers come in a variety of sizes, starting from portable ones and all the way to bulkier, heavier versions. Just remember that the heavier the machinery is, the more the PSI generated.


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