Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Control and Medication

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Anxiety and panic attacks are not diseases of the body but a condition of the mind, and therefore should not be treated with sophisticated or synthetic drugs. For a quick, effective and lasting results it should be treated with natural means.

Natural means include cleansing the mind of thoughts that provide negative results and replacing it with thoughts that provide positive results. In line with this is the method widely known is hypnotherapy. This involves the person undergoing a deep relaxation procedure. Positive thoughts and images are brought to the subconscious mind, causing the mind to relax deeply.

Hypnotherapy relieves the mind and relaxes the body resulting in improved wellness and promoting a better mental state. With this procedure the patient gets the desire to do positive things like exercise, positive thinking and eating healthy foods.

A good thing about natural treatments against anxiety and panic attacks is that it is not addictive like synthetic drugs because no artificial chemical is involved. It works to relax the mind and frees the mind of thoughts that bring about anxiety and panics.

However, if there is any need to introduce medication in the treatment of anxiety or panic attacks one should confine himself within herbal treatments. Most herbs have soothing effects and are also non-addictive, and therefore not dangerous. Kava Kava, Chamomile, Bugleweed, Ginseng and Catnip are some of the accepted herbs for anxiety and panic attack treatments.

These herbal treatments are accepted because they have calming effects and their side effects are minimal unlike synthetic drugs.

In addition to hynotherapy and herbal treatments people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks are advised to engage in eating healthy and getting involved in plenty of excercises. Taking supplements like vitamins with B complex, fruits and vegetables is also a good approach in dealing with anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety could turn to be dangerous if not checked and eradicated in time. Although it is not a disease that can be contagious like a virus, it is an ailments that destroys the mind, and prevent it from acting rationally.

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