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Top 10 Hill Stations in India

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A trip to the hill station during the summer vacations is the most awaited part of the year. Everyone waits this period of the year to escape from the burning heat of the sun and get some refreshment. There are many hill stations in India, which are known for years…

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Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men


A woman is a special part of a man’s life. Without a woman, a man’s life seems to be incomplete and lacks fruitfulness. Every man should always respect every woman in this world irrespective of their age. Women often become uncomfortable and sad by the routine habits of men. Though…

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1.rain dance

Top 10 Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season

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Top Ten Ways To Enjoy The Rainy Season Rainy season is the most romantic and fun loving season. There are a variety of ways to enjoy this season. You can enjoy this season either with your friends or with your partner. This rainy season if you do not have much…

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get your ex back

Top 10 Ways to Win your Ex Back


TOP TEN WAYS TO WIN YOUR EX BACK Things were going great. The relationship seemed perfect when it was new. The romance, the curiosity, the ‘getting to know each other better’ part, everything seemed so beautiful until… Until things started to appear, problems, fights over petty issues, irritating habits and…

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Top 10 Funny Ways to Scare a Person

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Top Ten Funny Ways To Scare A Person Scaring someone is an art. It is not so easy to scare someone so easily. It is always entertaining when we here about the scary events. You can do these pranks with anyone like friends, family, and relatives. Here we have the…

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Top 10 World’s Biggest Film Awards

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Top 10 World’s Biggest Film Awards Hard work is always appreciated in one form or another. For the people who are working in the entertainment industries, Award Functions are the best way one can get exposure and appreciation for the work which he/she has performed over the year. There are…

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