Basic Rules of Safe Gun Handling

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Whether you are at a shooting range or anywhere firearm safety is the responsibility of the owner. It is not something which should be taken lightly at all as the destruction occurs by them can be huge.  You will find rules on every gun store of shooting range you visit, as knowing these rules and following them will keep you and your family safe. There is no second chance with gun; therefore rules should be followed to avoid accidents.


Following some basic gun safety rules are essential in preventing accidental. Here are some rules and tips for handling firearms


Keep the Gun Pointed In Safe Direction –

It is the most primary and important rule of gun safety.  A safe direction means a direction in which bullet cannot strike anyone or wherever the gun is pointed and even if it gets triggered it could not cause any injury or damage. Even if you are trying dry firing with an unloaded gun you should never point the gun at an unsafe target. Never point the gun in direction where you do not intent to shoot.


Keep the gun unloaded –

When you pick a gun always engage the safety device, never assume a gun is unloaded- check yourself. If the gun has a magazine, remove it and clear the ammunition. Firearms should be loaded only when you are in the shooting area and ready to shoot. Unload the gun when you are done, whenever you handle the gun to someone always check the chamber, receiver, and magazine. Your firearm should not contain any ammunition as that can lead to mishap.


Keep your finger off the trigger -

While holding a gun always keep your finger off from the trigger until you are ready to shoot. In Sudden movement or loud noise you can inadvertently pull the trigger and cause harm. Never rest a loaded gun against any object because there is a possibility of sudden position failure and can result in a sudden discharge of the bullet. Never rely on a gun safety, you can only be certain that a gun will fire when its actions are open and it is completely empty.



Know your target and what is beyond –

Some bullet may travel miles once they leave the muzzle so If you are going to shoot know what lies beyond your target.  You must observe your prospective area before you shoot.  Never shoot unless you do know where your bullet will strike, be sure that the bullet will not injure anyone as no target is important that you cannot take time before you pull the trigger. You should be absolutely certain while triggering.


Use correct ammunition –

Using improper or damaged ammunition can destroy the gun and can cause serious injury. Most guns have the ammunition type stamped on the barrel, be sure about the ammunition you are using. Never spray oil or solvents on the ammunitions, never use damaged or wet ammunitions as they can result in poor ignition, unsatisfactory performance and can damage your firearm and can also harm others




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