Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013

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Android OS is today the market leader in Mobile OS, nearly 1 Billion android devices have been activated till date and is increasing very quickly as more and more people are migrating from Symbian, Blackberry and other Feature phone platform’s. Apps today are surely one major factor that draws a person towards a new mobile phone and android apps performance and ecosystem is second to none, it overshadows Windows Phone OS and Blackberry 10 by huge margin, although iOS is an altogether different story. Google Play Store (Android app marketplace) now has over 1 Million Apps which is officially the largest app marketplace for any platform and it also surpasses iOS App Store (which has 900,000+ apps).

Now if you have got an Android phone, the first thing you would want to do is to get new android apps. There are pretty much a free android app for everything you want but in some cases the free android app would just not give you all the functionality that it’s paid counterpart offers. Also in some cases you would just not be able to find a free app that offers the features you are looking for and in those cases you have no other option but to buy a paid app.

The process of choosing the best paid android apps is typically very simple as the Top Paid section would pretty much let you know all the apps that you need. But the problem here is that there are 10’s of new android apps that are launching daily but in some cases they are just not able to get into the top 10 or top 50 section and are pretty much ignored but mind you they still do their work extremely well and the reason for them not being able to get into the top 10 list is because of smaller audience or lesser publicity.

However we would be focusing more here on Android apps that have larger audience and these are the undoubtedly the best paid android apps that you must install if you have got an Android phone. These android app’s increases the functionality, lets you personalize your android mobile phone and lets you perform additional tasks that the stock apps misses out.

Here is our list of 10 Such Awesome Paid Android apps:

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

This is one app that I absolutely love, i have become so used to to this app that i just can’t think of typing the traditional way. SwiftKey is all new way of typing on a mobile keyboard, you can simply write the words by sliding fingers over the keyboard letters. You are not required to lift your hand and sliding makes the typing a lot more faster. Also that’s not all, the app predicts the next word that you can simply just tap and select. This keyboard app is available in around 60 International languages. The prediction is extremely accurate making this truly “The Mind Reading Keyboard”. You can buy this app for $3.99.

2. OfficeSuite Pro7

OfficeSuite Pro 7 brings in PC Office functionality on your Android Mobile phone. It lets you view, edit and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint file’s which can come in extremely handy for some people. The app does the work well, although the UI is still not as polished as it is on Windows Phone but importantly the app has every Office functionality you would need. It also lets you view PDF file’s. The app is one of the costliest Android app at $14.99.

3. AVG Mobile Antivirus Security Pro

Mobile Security is a very important aspect specially because you can have all your important information stored on the mobile device like photos, password, emails and stuff. So it’s very important that mobile phone is protected from any types of malwares, viruses and thefts. And AVG Mobile Antivirus Security Pro does just that and more very effectively. The app focuses on 4 core area’s of mobile security: Anti Theft and Location, Protection, Performance and Privacy. This is a must have android security app and it costs $9.99.

4. Camera Zoom FX

One area where we think that android looses to Windows Phone OS and iPhone is camera functionality. But that void get’s perfectly filled with this Android paid app “Camera Zoom FX”. It is far far more enhanced than the stock android camera app and add’s functionality like: Multiple Shooting Modes, lot’s of Image Effects, Proscreen mode, Widescreen Lens, etc.

Give this app a try and be assured that you would never want to switch back to stock camera again. The app costs $2.99.

5. Beautiful Widgets

This android app lets you personalize your android phone just the way you want makes it look very beautiful. Android phone offers a lot of room for phone personalization unlike iOS and WIndows Phone OS which is one big advantage of Android and with this app your android phone looks a lot more beautiful and personalized just the way you want. Beautiful Widgets has a lot of inbuilt widgets like Weather Widget, Clock, Battery Percentage, Quick toggles, etc. Beautiful Widgets android app cost 2.59.

6. DU Battery Saver Pro and Widgets

Battery Life has always been a problem with an Android smartphone, and now with mobile processors becoming more powerful the battery life is getting even more affected. However now with this paid android app the battery backup issue gets solves to a good extent. DU Battery Saver firstly suggests you the ways how the phone needs to be charged so that you can squeeze maximum life out of your mobile battery. The app also has different power saving mode’s which you can select based on your usage preference. The app has widgets as well which you can drop on your home screen which displays a lot of battery information like the estimated remaining time, battery temperature, etc.This app can bought for $2.99.

7. PowerAmp Full Version

Listening to Music is still one of the most done things on a mobile phone. The stock music player app for Android is very decent and performs basic tasks very well. However it misses out on some important functions like Music Equalizer, Ability to play all file extensions, cross fade support, etc. PowerAmp player does just that and more which makes it one of the best music player app in the Android market. The app has received extremely positive reviews from it’s users and it costs $3.99.

8. Nova Launcher Prime

Home Screen replacement app’s gives an all new look to your Android Phone UI. They add tons of features that stock UI misses like Gesture Support, Drawers, New Scroll effects, etc and if you are looking for a perfect Home launcher app than Nova Launcher Prime is certainly on top. This app gives an all new look to your android home screen, it’s features includes: Drawer Groups, Gestures, Ability to Hide Apps, Dock Swipes, Shows Unread Count and you can select different Scroll effects. Nova Launcher also has a free app but the features in the free app are limited. The paid app is one of the highest rated android app and can be bought for $4.

9. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the only game app in our section of best android paid apps for 2013. This app has been recently released and it has quickly become the highest downloaded paid game in android play store. This arcade racing game offers awesome graphics and gives ability to perform awesome and extremely real looking stunts. The game gives the ability to buy/change cars, has new locations and has multi player ability. This racing game is available for $0.99.

10. Paper Camera

This is one strange app in our list which doesn’t have much widespread reach and you wouldn’t have heard about. But this is certainly one of my personal favorite app, it basically transforms your photo and give’s it sketch/cartoon effect. The effects can be given in real time as well as it’s also works as a camera lens. The effects looks very real and now with real time camera lens you would be amazed when you look at things in an all new cartoonish way. The app also gives a lot more camera lens effects like half tone, noir, neo, etc. The paper camera android app is available for $1.99.

If you believe that there is any other app that can be included in our list, please leave a comment below and we would try to include that in the list.

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