Car Maintenance Tips by a Pro

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People who drive the car on a daily basis understand how important it is to maintain the car. The better the condition of the car, the better it will run. If timely efforts are invested in the maintenance of the car, then it will go a long way, and the value of your car will not fall soon.

So, to help you in maintaining your car in a good state, we are here with this article. Read on to know the essential car maintenance tips by a pro.

  1. Change oil at regular intervals – Many people comes with the query about how often should the oil be changed. Previously, experts used to recommend changing the oil after every 5,000 km. But with the advent of technology, most of the car manufacturers suggest to get the oil changed between 12,000 and 15,000 km. Moreover, you can refer to the manual of the car to learn about oil change intervals.
  2. Keep a check on brakes - If you drive in huge traffics daily then a lot of pressure is being put on your brakes. Thus it becomes important to get the brakes checked at the right time. The following are few signs that tell it is time to get your brakes examined:
  • If you hear a high-pitched squealing while applying the brake.
  • If you hear metal-on-metal grinding sounds.
  • If the steering wheel vibrates on slowing down the car.
  • If you sense a foul smell on applying the brake.
  • The most dangerous sign is when you apply the brake, but the car does not come to a halt.

So to avoid extreme situations, it is recommended to take your car for routine brake checks.

  1. Keep tires in good condition – Keeping tires in good health not only save money but also prevent you from facing dangerous situations. First and the foremost thing that you should check is the pressure of all the tires when going to drive a car. A flat tire can blow out and can put your life at risk. It is suggested to get the pressure of tires checked at least once a month. Furthermore, remember to get your tires balanced and aligned. It will prevent them from wearing out early.
  2. Power steering - Make sure that the hydraulic fluid reservoir is filled in your car whenever you take your car for service. Remember, getting the car serviced on time is the most important part of car maintenance. Also, check the level of this fluid once in a month.
  3. Never skip scheduled service – Because of hectic schedules, it becomes difficult for everyone to keep a check on the car. So it is important to fix an appointment for car service and remember the date. You can even set a reminder on your mobile. Maintenance service includes checking minor parts such as spark plugs, and wires. Moreover, at the time of reselling, you will get a good deal if your car is maintained properly.


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