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Are you planning to buy a second-hand car from a friend or a dealer? Well, the market for second-hand cars is huge. Whether the car is used or not, but buying a car is a big deal for everyone. One can go to great lengths in order to pick up the right car for themselves. But the most important process begins when the car has been finalized. The real work includes an endless trail of paperwork, insurance, transfers, and registration. A lot of people go through a lot of struggle during this process. So here is a checklist that one should follow before buying a second-hand car. This list will help you go through various processes easily and also help you avoid any step.


Your car should be value for money. Checking its condition even if it is a used car is important. Take a test drive in order to understand the engine, cooling or transmission conditions. This will ensure the claims made by the seller. Furthermore, this will enable you to estimate any unavoidable repairs in the future. Also keep in mind to check the car after the delivery as a dealer can change parts of the car like replace new tires with old.


Is the car originally of the owner? In order to find out make sure to check the RC book and smart card as it indicates the number of time the car has been sold in the past. Sellers must provide you with original invoice, NOC of the car loan provider, road tax receipts and insurance papers. All these papers can be used as a benchmark to negotiate price. It will help you claim money in case of any repair or accident. In addition to all this, make sure to transfer all these documents on your name as not doing so will reject your claims for insurance.


Old car models have outdated features and may be hard to upgrade while new cars have the potential to upgrade. So run a background check and ask the seller to add features according to your comfort and safety at affordable prices.


Don’t run after cheap rates. Always buy a car from someone who has a lot of experience and are good in this business. There are a lot of companies who dupe people with cheap rates but only put your confidence in those who have a good selling record and go through a proper process and quality. Furthermore, Never seal the deal over the phone. Ask them everything in writing right from the car, the sale price, the effective date of transfer of ownership to registration and insurance details. Written agreements with all the terms and conditions in it are proof. Go through each and every document, and see if they are properly stamped or not. This will give you the confidence to make a purchase peacefully.


Having details on records of repair and maintenance performed on the car will help you negotiate a price better. This will make you a responsible buyer and will help you maintain your car properly in the future.

There are a lot of dealers in the market but buy only from that car dealer who takes care of the above points and makes an effort to match your expectations.

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