Checklist of Documents You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Used Car

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Everyone dreams of having a luxury car, and the ones who cannot afford the new car, a used luxury car is the best option for them. The industry of used cars is growing day by day with a lot of options. And if you are also planning to purchase a used car, then you need to know the checklist of documents to buy a used car. No doubt, the car buying process is a bit tedious task, so it is very important to keep the paperwork ready beforehand. Whether it is an individual or a dealer from whom you buy the car, make sure that all the important documents are transferred to your (buyers) name.

Now, let us talk about all the essential documents:


  1. Registration Certificate - It is well known as RC and is one of the most essential documents. It gives an overview of the car. Information such as chassis number and engine number of the vehicle is mentioned on the RC.


  1. Insurance papers – If insurance papers are in your name, then you can claim in case of an accident. Also, don’t forget to check the expiry date of the insurance. Remember that installments are paid on time. It will keep you are your vehicle on the safer side.


  1. Form 32 and 35 – You will need it if the previous owner had opted a loan to purchase the car. In such a situation, ask for a copy of a no-objection certificate from the seller. It will ascertain that the whole loan is paid off. If you are not conscious about this, you can land in trouble. You will be asked to pay off the loan as you are the owner now.


  1. Service Book - Don’t overlook the service history of the vehicle. It will help you in knowing the condition of the car. The car that is serviced on time and by an authorized center is more likely to be in a good running condition.


  1. Road Tax Receipt - It is a one-time payment, and must be paid by the first owner the moment he registers the car. If not paid, on time then it may run into lakhs of penalty. And you being the new owner now had to pay it. So, make sure that you are provided with the receipt for the tax paid.


  1. Car Purchase Invoices – If you purchase the used car from the dealer, then he will provide you with all the mandatory bills of your new vehicle. But it may not be possible if you are buying from an individual. In that case, you can ask for a sale receipt.


Buying a pre-owned car comes with a lot of challenges, but if you happen to purchase from a certified used car dealer, then he will help you in organizing everything. But, you being a smart buyer should cross-check every document at the time of purchase.

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