Correcting Nose Shapes With Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Using Dermal Fillers

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The shape of the nose often plays a major role in defining the facial structure and is hence the most highlighted and noticeable feature of our facial appearance. If we aren’t satisfied with it, it could make us feel uncomfortable during a face-to-face interaction with anyone. It could be in any shape, be it crooked or has a bump or dent or is just too long, there exist ways in which you could enhance and work on the shape of the nose

The most highlighted facial feature is the nose as it sits right in the centre of the face. It projects itself in the outward direction to greet anyone who takes a look at your face. Hence, it is one of the first things that people notice when they see your face. It’s a crucial feature to the overall facial balance. A well enhanced nose with a fine enough shape assists in keeping the shape of the face in the perfect proportion, while not deviating from other features.

Types of shapes and sizes of NOSES:

Celestial Nose

It’s assumed that a celestial, or turned up nose is one of the best in types of nose shapes. An upturned or concave nose points upwards at the tip rather than pointing downwards. The size of the nose could be small or big. The nostrils are slightly visible too.

Nubian Nose

This kind of nose has a narrower bridge and is itself in a very long shape. Defined with wide nostrils and a wide base, this kind of nose is really common amongst the various ethnic groups.

Roman Nose

Other names of a Roman nose are hook or aquiline nose. The noticeable bridge points downwards at the tip, but not to an extent as compared to the hawk-shaped nose. The origin of the word ‘aquiline’ is derived from the Latin word Aquilinus, which means eagle-like.

Hawk Nose

If seen from a certain angle, it looks much like the beak of a hawk. There exists a deep hook at the tip area in this type of nose shape which actually points in the downward direction (pointing your lips). The ridge is in curved shape.

Snub Nose

Short, tiny and doesn’t normally protrude to any great extent in any particular direction are the distinguishing features that define a snub nose. Since this nose is small, the nostrils are visible due the sloping of the tip. The snub nose looks really adorable.

Greek Nose

The name says it all. These kind of noses have a perfect straight look with narrow nostrils. The shape amongst the other shapes of the nose tops the list as the most beautiful of nose varieties and fashion and catwalk models usually have this distinguishing feature that enhances the rest of their face.

A properly done non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers can decently highlight your features and refresh facial harmony if your nose is:

  • Crooked in shape.
  • The shape is hooked and it needs to be straightened
  • Needs a bump on the bridge of the nose softening.
  • Correction of nasal tip droop


Dermal Filler, is an authentic alternative to a surgical The aim is to bring symmetry in your face, and this non-surgical nose job is best for clients who are scared to have a traditional surgery. A non-surgical nose job is a easy and quick process, which requires a high level of ability from the cosmetic physician. The results are quick and you may step out the next day with your new enhanced nose!

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