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Marriage and Intimate relationships are often seen to grow complex over time. Even the most blissful of relationships may often grow to become stagnant and routine, something which may bother either of the partners. As much as the couple decides best, you must never rule out professional help that will help you recognize and ignite the lost love.

Relationship Counselling Sydney

What is Couples Counselling? Why is it needed?

Couples counselling is not medical help for your behaviour or actions, as it may be mistaken, but therapeutic talk sessions which help build a positive conversing ground for the couple to work on building their relationship again from the scratch. It is different from relationship counselling which involves one person seeking professional help to revive the relationship whereas couples counselling involves the partners equally to help build back a bond through various discussions and tasks. It is attempt of an expert to help couples recognize and appreciate each other’s individuality, identity and traits and build a more communicative method of sorting out any issues which may arise.

What are the common issues dealt with in Couples counselling sessions?

While the need of Couples Counselling may arise simply due to stagnancy or the lack of it in a relationship and not due to a specific problem or issue, however certain relationship problems that are most commonly explored in Couples counselling sessions include betrayal and lack of trust, jealousy on a personal or professional front, over- possessiveness, abusive or dominant behaviour, lack of sexual satisfaction or conflicting sexual preference, different parenting ideals, family conflicts, work or life related stress or something as basic as change of location or lifestyle.

However meagre the cause may be, it is essential that it be ruled out before it leads to destruction of faith in the relationship. It is inevitable that the couples recognize the slight cracks or disturbances and address them before they turn to be cyclonic for the relationship.

How can Couples Counselling help to resolve relationship problems?

Couples Counselling, when attended to by a skilled and experienced Couples Counsellor who has been trained to read into the psyche of the couple and modify the technique of therapy accordingly can help a relationship grow and mature in a strong bond of understanding. It is mostly beneficial since you obtain an unbiased perspective with no preconceived notions of either of the individuals. While the technique may vary, certain objectives of the therapy are to impart to you:

-A clear reflection of the past, the changes in the present and your goal for the future. It helps identify the causes of the changes to help rectify them in time

-Understanding the influence of factors from outside the relationship like family, religious ideologies, financial management, lifestyle and culture which may be effecting your intimacy.

– An ability that helps to recognize what ignites the argument and allows it to escalate.

– Communicative skill to converse your point in a constructive manner than in a critical tone.

– A positive guidance to help negotiate and resolve any issues which may be prevalent.

When and how should you contact a Couples Counsellor?

While there is no perfect time to visit the Couples Counsellor, it is advisable you do not let issues stretch too far in the relationship before resorting to Couples Counselling. Relationship issues are best handled when they just begin. You can contact a Couples Counsellor directly or through a counselling consultancies like ClearDay Consulting in Sydney who will assist you in discovering a skilled and trained Couples Counsellor who might turn to be the messiah for your relationship.

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