Different Types of Doors for Your House

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Your front door is one of the initial things a visitor sees and remembers and it can make an exceptional first impression. Along with introducing your personal style to the front of your home, doors can help to advance home security, energy conservation, reduce noise and increase natural light. Apart from security, protection and confidentiality, there is a characteristic of art and decor connected with it. Today the choice is majorly overseen by it, as the other factors are certain to be present and common with all types of doors.

There are numerous varieties of doors and windows which can either be manufactured or are obtainable in the market for ready fixing. The choices are never-ending, and there are definitely some contemplations to be made before picking out the doors for your house, so here’s all the info broken down for you:


  1. Timber/Wood Doors:

Conventionally, timber or wood as it is commonly known has been the mainstay for the manufacture of doors/windows. Its primary advantage has been local accessibility of material. Currently large variations of wood are offered in the market and it can be easily customised based on the properties of longevity and the budget of the house owner.


  1. Steel Doors:

Steel or other such metallic structure has been used for ages as they are resourceful and are a durable option for exterior and interior doors alike. These doors can be moreover be solid or hollow. It is known to be a good substitute for wood and is being used widely for creating frames. They are long lasting necessitating minimum maintenance. They are accessible in beautiful shades with numerous wood grain texturing.


  1. Glass Doors:

Glass is frequently provided for doors and windows, mostly for panelling. However, if the owner so wishes, doors can also be made out of glass for explicit locations. Normally such doors are fitted on the backside of the house as it offers unhindered view of the backyard or garden.


  1. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) Doors:

PVC is basically a plastic material commonly engaged for making numerous products including water tanks, pipes, fittings etc for houses. The use of PVC for the manufacture of doors has become very prevalent and a huge diversity of the same are accessible in the market in different colours and designs. The advantages of utilising PVC doors are that they are insect proof, durable, light weight, moisture resistant etc. They are also easy to manufacture and install.


  1. Aluminium Doors:

Aluminium frames for doors and windows have the benefit of resisting extreme weather situations. Aluminium frames are not influenced by termites and all things measured; they are durable. Sophisticatedly they are very satisfying and are completely practical over the long run.


Exterior doors or front doors of a residence is given the greatest importance. The exterior doors permit entrance to or exit from a house and offer a measure of security. The exterior doors are provided with satisfactory thickness, stability and durability of construction. So do consult door installation and guidance experts before investing in a door that best suits your need, conditions and house.

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