Do’s and Don’ts of Finishing a Basement

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Finishing a basement can both be challenging as well as fulfilling. Most homeowners have the ultimate goal of finishing their basement one day. It is vital to know how to construct such spaces in the correct manner to get the desired results. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind.


  1. Consider utility

Although, you might want to make an extraordinary change to your basement, you must always keep in mind the utility part. Generally, basements are used as a space for laundry facilities, storage room or a home office. The new design must include and enhance the functionality of the previous setup.

You must also keep in mind a few things while selecting a design for your basement. You must always wall off areas that need privacy. The area below and around the water heater must be left incomplete for a few weeks, to check for leaks. A great plumbing plan keeps many problems at bay. Hence, special attention must be provided on it. It also helps you save a lot of money. The plan must accommodate the above or any other requirement of yours.


  1. Open-concept spaces

One of the most popular concepts these days is the open-concept spaces. Mastering this art, would change the way you planned your basement, drastically.

You can divide the space available into various segments such as a TV area, area for a gymnasium, a dining table, a play area for the kids or any other segment of your choice. You would want to ground it with its own light fixture, upholstery, etc.

Be sure to leave ample amount of space between these areas (called negative space). It would not only ensure space to walk around but would also keep it visually tidy and uncluttered.



  1. Underestimate the construction

The biggest one makes is underestimating the construction. People often think that it would be easier to plan and construct a basement from scratch, but it gets tricky because basements must be kept dry. While it gives you the freedom to customize the space, there’s also more legwork to be done initially.

Unless you are a trained professional in construction, it is recommended that you hire a contractor. A contractor would be able to do justice to your basement. Before you hire a contractor, make you they have the requisite skills and expertise for that project and is familiar with the permitting and zoning regulations in your area.


  1. Discount aesthetics

People tend to neglect the aesthetics of the basement and attach less value to it as compared to any other part of their house. It is shameful that you spend all that money, time and energy on designing your basement and not on making it cosier enough. You can do a lot without spending too much by simply using bright colours that match the furniture, add accessories, etc. Make sure to include plenty of wall art, throw pillows, blankets and try to make your basement more welcoming and comfortable.


Most homemakers dream of finishing a basement successfully. Seeking professional help would make you live that dream.


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