Expert tips for creating best custom T-shirt designs

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Most of us have at least one favorite custom t-shirt which becomes a part of us. T-shirts actually are a part of our identity because the design of our t-shirt is often one of the first things people notice about us. Custom t-shirts are everyone’s first choice, be it for promoting their business, or to commemorate a special event, like a family reunion or bachelorette party. There can be any reason to design a custom t-shirt; however, designing the perfect customized t-shirt is essential to your success.

The basics of t-shirt designing, from the inception of an idea to getting the shirt mass-produced, remains the same. Below you will find expert tips to design a great personalized T-Shirt, with details of each step of the design process.

ü Explore your concept and determine the purpose

The design process begins by conceptualizing the idea and understanding why you need a custom printed t-shirt. Whether you need custom t-shirts for promotional purposes, or for personal use like to celebrate an event, it is important that your t-shirt design communicate that goal clearly. Consider all the key themes, styles, and personality traits you want your custom printed t-shirts to convey. Determine whether you want to make it playful or serious; edgy or conservative; luxurious or affordable. Sketch out your T-shirt design, do a full brainstorming process, and explore every possible creative option.

ü Determine your target group

Another important consideration is finding out who will be wearing the custom shirts. It is one of the most crucial aspects of designing a perfect t-shirt to cater to your target demographic. Your target group may comprise of primarily male or female; teenagers or senior citizens. By considering what they like increases your chance of designing ideal custom tees.

ü Keep it simple, yet striking

Great design and attention to details are important; however, you will notice that the most iconic custom t-shirt designs are the simplest ones. The best design is simple, yet it clearly conveys your message across. A masterpiece is one which delivers your message, as well as, catches the attention.

ü Color plays an important role

The very first thing people will notice about your personalized t-shirt is its color. It is important to make wise use of colors for your t-shirt and try to select complementary colors. Be it graphics or illustrations, everything comes secondary to eyes. The color palette selection should be based on target’s likes and preferences, such as whether they like the contrast of black and white or subtle pastels.

ü Strike a Balance

A well-composed design is able to strike a balance between text, lines, artwork, and color. It is usually preferred to place the design near the middle or top of the shirt because this way it catches the most attention of the viewers.

ü See your artwork on the actual T-shirt       

Next, it is important to know that a design may look remarkably different on screen and on a printed piece. This means you need to try your T-shirt design on a photo of a model, and then print it out to place it on an actual tee.

ü Printing options

When it comes to printing options, you need to consider various aspects, like the cost, appearance, production time, and materials. To find a printing method which is best for you, mull over each method of printing. Screen printing is most commonly used for bulk t-shirt printing. So, once your design is finished, you need to find a good quality printer. Make sure to only trust a reputable company or an experienced local screen printer.

A perfect custom printed t-shirt is one that catches everyone’s attention, clearly communicates the message of the intended target, in addition to being loved for wearing.

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