Eye Colour and Everything it tells about your Personality

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Have you ever wondered how our life would have been without the eyes? This beautiful colourful world would be nothing but just darkness filled with a profound sorrow. A person’s eyes are said to be the window to his soul. How true! You can’t be said to be really happy if your smile doesn’t reflect in your eyes. You know your best friend is sad as soon as you look at the sadness in her eyes. Often love starts just by looking in each other’s eyes and become spell bound. And sometimes it may end when you know your boyfriend is lying to you when he couldn’t look in your eyes. Charlotte Bronte the author of Jane Eyre had very aptly said that the soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye. Your eyes interpret not just your feelings but also your personality. One can tell what kind of a person you are just by looking at your eyes. They are like an open book.

Our eyes have many distinguished attributes. Some are blessed with gorgeous almond shaped hazel eyes while some have the breathtaking azure touch like a deep blue sea. Did you know no two people have exactly the same eye colour? Sometimes when we meet someone the first thing that we notice about them is their eye colour. We all have different eye colours depending on the amount of melanin pigments present in our eye’s iris. Your eye colour can tell a lot about your personality too. You can also see it as a fact or a tad of fun. Let’s have a look at what your eye colour tells about you.

Black eyes


Black is one of the rare eye colours. People who usually have black eye colour have actually very dark brown eyes. What it tells about your personality is that you are a person who is lively and full of passion. You will not leave a work unless you finish it and give your 100 percent in whatever you do. You are competitive and try to show that you are able to do a task better than anybody else. People with black eyes are somewhat secretive too. They won’t easily trust you with their feelings. Thus, they are also reluctant to fall in love. But when they do, they prove to be very loyal. They usually have strong spiritual beliefs. These people are trustworthy and you can rely on them completely if you have given them some responsibility. They won’t let you down. These people with all their positive qualities are also very argumentative, even when they know they are wrong. People who have black eyes are also not very patient and can’t wait in long lines.

Brown eyes


People have brown eyes because of large amount of melanin pigments in their eyes. Brown eye colour is also one of the most common eye colours all over the world. Brown colour is an earthy but rich colour. It represents simplicity, strength and creativity. If you are a person with brown colour then you are likely to be the life of a party. People with brown are close to nature and don’t have much love for materialistic possessions. They are great lovers and know how to make their partners feel special and are very trustworthy. They have charming looks and are adorable and are quite grounded. They are extroverts who love making new friends. But still they are afraid to express their feelings in front of others. They have a good sense of humour and can cheer you up anytime. They are wise and you will tend to go to them for any piece of advice. They are kind of your “go to” guy. They are quite creative and have a very good fashion sense.

Blue eyes


We will all admit when we see blue eyes we immediately find ourselves attracted to them. It is one of the most popular eye colours. Blue is such a lively colour that people who have blue eyes are found to be very youthful. Many use contact lenses to make their eyes seem blue and now a days researches are going on for developing laser procedures to make your brown eyes blue. Blue eyed people are charming, attractive and very friendly. People with blue eyes are spontaneous and energetic people who tend to live their life fully. They have a natural tendency to make others happy. They will try with all their might to help people and are very kind and sincere. They are also very spiritual and tend to want a long lasting love life. They want a happy family with their partners and expect full commitment from their partners. They also have a great observation power and nothing will just pass through their keen eyes. People with blue eyes tend to be very outgoing, bubbly and are not seen to be shy. They are very open with their feelings.

Grey eyes


People who have gray eyes are born to be leaders. They are most sought to resolve issues between people because they can easily understand the issues of both sides and come up with a sensible way to break the ice. They have a strong nature and remain strong in spite of facing any amount of external pressure. They can easily adapt themselves to any new environment. They encompass a unique personality and are people who tend to be very busy. They can’t be kept without doing anything for a long time. They are street smart, with good business sense and are witty in nature. They have a calm nature and people love to be around them. They have a very rational attitude and prove to be good secret keepers. They are not very adventurous. They tend to keep themselves and their surrounding neat and clean but are not obsessive about it. They are able to manage their lives easily with their practical thinking and wise decisions. They are very faithful and long for a permanent relationship. Once they find their soul mates they love them deeply and are very romantic lovers.



Green eyed people are very vibrant people and are found to be very creative. They love adventure and can take on any challenge on a whim. You would not want to hurt them in any way or be in their bad books because they will find a way to get back at you and have their revenge. They are very good speakers. They are very intelligent people and have a great passion towards their lives. They will not allow anyone to stand in their way of living their lives fully. They are passionate lovers and tend to have long relationships. But they can be very jealous sometimes. They are extremely good looking and of course their eye colour being the sexiest eye colour helps a lot. They love to make people laugh and are trustworthy. But if you say anything mean to them, they will always come up with a clever retort, making you look like a fool.

Hazel eyes


Hazel eyed people are those who will say “challenge accepted” as soon as they see one. They will never back down from a fight and prove that they are the best. They are sweet, empathetic and kind people as long as the things turn out as they want. They are generally outgoing people and adventurous. They also have a very short temper and you would not want to come in their way while they are mad. They have all the qualities of brown and green eyed people. They are spontaneous and fun loving and are chance takers. They are beautiful and elegant. In terms of having relationships, they tend to keep them short, though they are very much capable to woo you easily owing to their romantic personalities. They love experimenting and are very energetic and courageous.

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  • ashley

    haha im green eyes.

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      im also green eyes yeah

      • ashley

        yayyy *high five*

    • Steven

      I have green eyes too and I laughed when I read the traits for people with green eyes. What they explained were very accurate. lol

  • Cayden

    Im a mix of brown and green. Leteraly everything on that list is true except being a tree huger.

  • Tanner Kidwell

    Im grey eyes

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  • Eloisa Tan

    It’s true, I have brown eyes. :)

  • jerica flor

    black eyes……

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      Same here…

  • Patrick

    im a mix of blue and green eyes

  • Consuelo Barragan

    im a mix of blue green and grey

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    I have blue eyes im attractive

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    this is fucking dumb

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    I have blue eyes! Yay! I’m attractive!

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    I have Green eyes its actually really accurate my eyes for some reason change shades of green

  • Seth

    I gues my eyes r technically green/hazel

  • matthew

    Lol I got blue eyes

  • Colin Roberts

    I have grey eyes with a couple hazel spots explains why i have traits from both

    • Rowan

      Same, mine have the hazel flecks, but they’re kind of a cross between blue and grey.

  • Colt Jackson

    This is so true for brown eyes

  • Dronoclus

    sigh this is no help at all i’m a cross between blue, grey and hazel eyes and have a little bit of each personality

    • kristina jones

      im a cross between grey blue and green eyes and im also a little bit of each

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  • t.s.

    My eyes change between brown and grey and according to these facts, very accurate!

  • Sarah Crosby

    I have blue eyes. But yet I’m somewhat shy. Not that much any more. But still a little

  • http://xcommanderhurricanex.deviantart.com/ Commander Hurricane

    I have grey eyes and only the top half of the grey eyes information is true for me. xD

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  • The Undertaker

    i have green eyes which is very true

    • Aloiswolf

      Yay ^^ we are known to be smart asses XD

  • Aloiswolf

    Im hazel eyed, and I have the features of brown and green. Be careful, though short tempered and can make stingy comments, like this “Hey, your a chimp.” *gets pissed off* “You seem to like to call me that. Are you sure YOUR not one? Plus, whats so wrong about being one?” person: “She admitted it?” Me: “Is it bad I did? Or you just like attention, so you sit here calling me names, when really it makes you look stupid. So please, im going to say this nicely, leave me alone,” *walks away*

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    im a mix of blue grey and hazel

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    Mine change from green to blue depending on my mood…

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    I have grey green eyes and I was half and half with both of them XD

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    I have brown eyes and most of it is true except being an extroverted… I’m definitely an introvert

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    my eyes change colours from grey to blue to green so i dont think this really helps unless im all three then

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    black eyes. I thought all asians had black coloured eyes (a lot of them do) why are they even considered rare idk

  • Matthew Spotted Eagle
  • Matthew Spotted Eagle