Fence for a Day: 7 Situations to Consider Temporary Fencing

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Normally, when you consider investing in a fence, you’d be looking for longevity. However, fences come in multiple shapes and sizes and for varied uses. And perhaps, you may need a fence only for a couple of days or weeks.


The same companies that offer to you strong fences and safety barriers, promising you privacy for your industrial or residential complex, may also offer you short term fence options.


Here are 7 situations where you may need a temporary fence due to their affordability and cost effectiveness over other barrier measures:


  1. Carnivals, Concerts, or Fairs

For summer months, you’d often have various carnivals, concerts, or fairs generating excitement and revenue. However, it is essential that you control how many people go in or out to make the event profitable. Hence, you can use temporary fences for entrance or exit barriers around fairgrounds.


  1. Commercial Sites


As a heavy equipment, manufacturing, and commercial businesses, the security of your site is an essential part of your business plan. A temporary fence often comes in handy to offer privacy and security, and there is also space for posting legal notices.


  1. Construction Sites


In the construction industry, safety is essential. Thus, to keep animals, children, or other children clear from harm, you could use a temporary barrier or fence.


It will also reduce the risk of material theft from the project site.


  1. Entertainment on Private Property


Hosting a private party at your business or residential property? Depending on the type of party you are hosting, you may need a temporary fence for your event.


This barrier helps ensure that you have no uninvited guests and no small children can wander beyond the territory of the party.


  1. Parades and Demonstrations


It can be a hassle to handle larger crowds, especially in an emotionally charged environment. Even for parades, you could use temporary fencing throughout the route to reduce traffic crossing your path while the floats are in motion.


Similarly, as a property owner you could use a temporary fence to keep passersby away during such processions.


  1. Trade Shows and Conventions


You could use a simple temporary fencing solution at outdoor trade shows or conventions to optimize participation and protect exhibits. Temporary fencing may also be used to keep hazardous objects clear from guests vicinity.


  1. Work Sites in Extreme Conditions


Factors like extreme weather conditions often disrupt construction or renovation work. You can help minimize weather related damages by using a temporary fence.


Be it for your construction site or a local upcoming festival, you could use temporary fencing. You can discuss your needs, purpose and duration of the fence with a fencing contractor to determine what fence will suit your purpose best.


There are several types of temporary fencing to suit all tasks at hand, including end-to-end metal face panels for security at concerts, or chain-link fencing anchored by concrete blocks at a construction site.


Once you know you need a temporary fencing, contact us. We at Arrow Hire will meet all your needs for temporary fencing in Australia.


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