Five Creative Places to Hide Your Valuables from Burglars

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You would wish that maliciously intended peeps had a fixed mindset and time of the day to break-in a home. While most of the cases are reported during the night time; that by no means imply thieves don’t fulfil their motives in daylight.

Burglaries do happen between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. as people leave for their work and study institutes. Surprisingly, burglars don’t even hang on for long and take only 8-10 minutes to get their hands on your small yet very precious items.

The valuables you lose are generally the easy-to-find items. The ones that you have probably stored at obvious places and all it takes is a quick run around the home for these unwanted invaders to grab your prized possessions and disappear.

If reading this scares you, calm down. All this information is not to generate fear in you but only awareness. If you are already taking precautions and updated with your security system, it is great. But, an extra bit of protection is not going to hurt you.

After a good research, I have enlisted some spots in your home that you can use to hide valuable stuff and rest assured while you are away. Burglars won’t have much time and thought to look through these places.

  1. Behind the Drawer

Yes, you read it right. Cabinet and closet drawers generally don’t go all the way back, so you can use that hollow space to store precious little things like cash, passports, jewelry, and more – basically, anything that can get into a thin envelope and hidden here.

  1. Inside a False Air Vent

Actual air vents are, of course, not a good place to tuck away your important documents and expensive diamond rings. But, you can play smart and install false air vents for that purpose. No thief is going to think of exploring and unscrewing it.

  1. In a Fake Electrical Outlet

Just like an air vent, no thief can make out if the electrical outlet in your room is a genuine or false one. By choosing a perfectly logical location and using a design that matches other actual ones, your gemstones and cash can remain at peace.

  1. In the Bottom of Potted Plant

This has to be a long-term solution for those away from their homes for most of the time. For a casual observer, it will be just a pot of flowers, and a closer inspection would call for more time that any thief would be short on.

  1. Beneath the Bathroom Floor

If you look forward to a more resilient and brilliant way to hide your valuables, then opt for a floor safe in your bathroom. These safes are fire and waterproof and protect your cash, important documents, and jewelry or other heirlooms in the best manner possible. So, find a reliable safes store in your city and enjoy that much-needed security.

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