Five Easy and Smart HVAC Maintenance Tips

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For the ones who don’t know, your HVAC systems in homes work more forcefully than your regular automobile engines. And just as your vehicle, HVAC units also require scheduled servicing to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

An inefficient heating and cooling system can burn more energy than usual, and land you up with high energy bills at the end of the year. However, with little upkeep, you can ensure that it doesn’t breakdown often and perform its job right for times to come.

Following are five significant tips to aid every homeowner in preparing their HVAC systems for the upcoming seasons, avoid expensive repairs, and extend the life of the equipment –

  1. Change the Air Filters Quarterly

The old air filters that were sold in the market lacked electrostatic charge and hence couldn’t grab the tiny particles present in the air. The ones you see nowadays are better at keeping the bacteria at bay. However, as time passes, they also tend to get dirty and clogged. Generally, the more pets you have, the more often your air filters require a change.  That is why it is best to keep a monthly check on these filters and replace them every 30-90 days, as required.

  1. Inspect the Air Flow Periodically

It is essential to keep a check on the vents of the HVAC system so the airflow is appropriate and not weakened at any point. As dust, dirt, or debris can often build up here and the leaves, branches, and trash might get collected around the AC unit, these can become a major obstruction. Thus, it is best to vacuum the vents often and call for an HVAC service technician for checking the unit and suggesting a proper solution.

  1. Schedule a Maintenance Service Annually

Even if your HVAC system seems to work just fine, you should go for professional inspection and maintenance every year. In that case, the specialists will not just change the air filter or clean the system. They will test the airflow, tighten any loose electrical connections, suggest HVAC motor repairs or motor rewinding (if necessary), and also spot any serious areas of concerns before any damage happens.

  1. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart way to maintain and prolong the life of your HVAC is to use it a little less. A programmable thermostat is something that you can use to automate the temperature while you are sleeping or are away. This saves immense energy and lower your utility bills; thereby keeping up the performance level of your unit.

  1. Replace the HVAC Unit, if Old

Like other home appliances or equipment, your HVAC system will have a certain service life, and while you want to keep using it more, time will come where you will need to replace it. Normally, HVAC units work great for 10-15 years but face a drop in their efficiency levels post that. As a result, energy bills shoot up drastically, and the temperature level of your home gets deregulated. The indoor quality starts becoming poor and there can be a growth of mold around. So, you must keep an eye on these signs and get a new one as soon as you experience them.

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