Five Ways To Maintain Your CNC Machines

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The timely maintenance of CNC machines is very important for a business to run successfully. Due to lots of mechanical moving parts and high tech pieces, breakdowns are inevitable and these breakdowns can cost a business heavy expenditures which is not only the cost to repair the breakdown but in lost profits too.

Therefore, preparing a checklist and long term preventive plans can help reduce such expenses and will also help you maintain your CNC machines appropriately.

Below are five ways to maintain your CNC machines:

1) Regular lubrication: Usually, machine tools require regular lubrication as compared to vehicles in order to work properly and prevent early wear. It is essential to change the oil of these machines at regular intervals to ensure adequate functioning.

Even using the wrong grease or oil can lead to serious issues and improper functioning of machines. Appropriate selection of oil according to the type of machine is very necessary for its correct working. Therefore, inspect each of your machines on a daily basis and proper lubrication should be applied.


2) Consider cleaning on a regular basis: At the end of the day, inspect your machines for any sort of dirt or debris which might cause damage. Consider cleaning all the dirt and look for worn parts as well to repair any kind of damage.

Protection of machines is very important so as to last long. Sometimes harmful foreign materials get into the lubrication system which can bring a machine to a grinding halt, hence be sure that filtering screens and caps are replaced when checking or adding oil.


3) Follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer: Similar to vehicles, the manufacturers of these CNC machines provide a schedule for the maintenance of machines which includes what, when and how to keep your machine in peak condition for its entire life.

Make sure to follow this schedule and tell your workers also the same who tend to operate these machines because it is essential for the well- being of machines and proper care should be given to them to last a long time.


4) Do not avoid other accessories of machine: It is not only the machine itself but other accessories of machines also require proper maintenance. The accessories include work holding fixtures, chip conveyors and coolant systems which should be inspected regularly and due maintenance should be provided to them.

The machine will only remain strong if its accessories are in proper condition and they are regularly looked upon for any repair and replacements; also they receive adequate care.


5) Always keep extra spare parts: Having extra spare parts in hand saves much time and unnecessary expenses as well. One must keep a stock of needed items like way wipers and belts so that they are available when the requirement arises.


Ensuring maintenance of your machines on regular basis is essential to keep them running. Also, routine check-ups increase output efficiencies, boost uptime and enhance profit margins. So for the proper functioning and working of machines maintenance is necessary.

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