Four Mind-Blowing Features You Get Only in Armored Cars

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This world has become a risky place. You get to hear about terrorist attacks, burglaries, kidnapping and so much more as newspaper headlines today. The situations are even tougher with celebrities and high profile personalities like the government officials, head of the state, political personalities, security agents, and CEO’s that are stalked and attacked out of nowhere while they travel on the road. Thus, to maintain their security and of their loved ones, armored vehicles serve as a great solution.

The concept of armored cars is not a new thing. It dates back to the time of World War I where armored tanks were used by military personnel. After that, law enforcement officials were seen travelling in it, and since then, the idea to use it is followed on. In fact, the demand for armored cars has expanded manifold times as it is seen as an armor for the passengers and valuable materials. Such a growing trend can be accredited to the robust protective features that the armored vehicles offer.

You cannot differentiate an armored car from a regular one from a distance. It is when you take a closer look that you can recognize its discreet style and other features that helps to protect its identity. Keep reading to know what are they.

Ballistic Steel Body

Armoring  of a car, truck or military tank is done depending on the level of protection that the customer desires. Talking about VIP armored vehicles, the bodies of these cars are developed specifically for extra safety and protecting the drivers and co-passengers from bullets and explosions. The doors, along with pillars, posts, side panels, front quarter panels, kick panels and the rear door are made of galvanised ballistic steel to withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures and saving the occupants from all the harm.

Runflat Tires

The second most amazing characteristic of an armored car that it is equipped with bulletproof tires that allow you to drive it even if they get deflated. That way, you don’t have to worry even if the attackers consider the tires to be soft spot and uses the bullet to attack them. You can still drive at a good speed and get yourself and the passengers to a safer place.

Bullet Resistant Glass

The transparent glass around the car – whether in the form of windows, windshield, or rear window allows the attackers to see inside your vehicle and target the occupants. However, in an armored car, there isn’t an ordinary glass but a bullet-resistant multilayer polycarbonate glass. The best part is despite that, the glass provides a clear vision and doesn’t hamper the ability of the driver to see the road.

Armored Fuel Tank

Yes, you read that right. Reinforced with ballistic steel, even the fuel tank systems in armored cars are bullet-resistant and fire-resistant. Nowadays, there are upgraded models as well that have self-sealing tanks integrated with bladder technology to prevent any leakage in case the tank is punctured by bullets, further igniting and posing an added risk to the passengers.



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