Four Tips to Prevent Locking your Children in the Car

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It is quite natural to go anxious about your crazy morning routine with children. From rushing your children through breakfast, preparing their lunch for the day, dressing them, and dropping them for school can become taxing on health and mind.

While it can be difficult not to get distracted by those huge household responsibilities on your shoulders, there is a big chance of accidentally locking your kids in the car amidst all your chaos.

The bad news is that cars tend to heat up quicker than you realize. The temperature can shoot to as high as 70 degrees inside becoming a lethal weapon for humans. Since children heat up faster than adults; they are more likely to suffer from internal organ failure.

Believe it or not, hundreds of children lose their lives every year in accidental car locking incidents across the world.

As parents, it is a nightmare to leave behind your children in the car and see them suffer from pain. That is why it is best to have the contact number of a local auto-locksmith saved in your speed dial list and relieve your tots if they happen to get stuck inside.

Here are a few tips to avoid locking your kids in the car:

Keep a Close Eye on Your Kid’s Movement

Everybody knows how naughty and sneaky children can get. They can go on hiding themselves in the car or even try to imitate their parents’ driving behavior. So, make sure you don’t let other tasks suck away your attention and give due attention to your kids’ whereabouts.

Regardless of your busy schedule, monitor their actions and take them with you whenever you leave from the car.

Hide Away the Car’s Keys

Kids are always curious to play with new toys and sometimes the car keys become a favorite. Considering that in mind, it is suggested to keep your keys away from the reach of children.

Also, be ultra-careful of the auto-lock feature on the key fob that makes it easy for small kids to lock themselves in the vehicle while you go and grab the stuff from home or supermarket.

Keep a Set of Spare Keys

It is recommended to carry a set of spare keys along with your original keys inside the wallet or store it safely in your home. You can even hand over the extra car keys to your trusted neighbor or friend to save you from those unnecessary hassles of sudden lockouts.

However, for your spare keys or key replacement services, you will have to consult a reliable locksmith.

Inspect your Car Periodically

Checking the condition of your car regularly is a great way to identify worn-out lock mechanisms or key fobs. It is required to avoid the slightest of glitches that can easily lead to locks jamming or keys breaking in the lock.

Since the children are the most vulnerable in cases of car key malfunctioning, you better get it inspected from a professional and give the maintenance it requires.

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