Designing and Building Pool House Cabanas

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Thinking of building a cabana? If yes, then are some things that you should keep in mind. A cabana adds beauty and functionality to your pool area. However, once it’s built, you cannot just undo it and do it all over again. Therefore, it is crucial to plan it wisely. Be clear about what you want your cabana to look like and what all you want to include in it, for example, a bar, sufficient storage, etc.

The foremost thing to be noted is the location. A cabana has to be close to the pool. If it’s not, it’s not a cabana but a storage shed or a guest house. However, don’t locate it such that it blocks the sunlight that you and your family want to enjoy during summers. Plan very carefully if you want a mini bar or mini kitchen, a bathroom with shower and cable connection/internet? Plan it very carefully as pulling out utility lines far from the domestic interface can prove to be very costly if placement is poorly planned. Moreover, climate and weather also play an important role if you live in a multi-season place. So, keep in mind the placement of the cabana, the utility lines and the environment and climatic conditions throughout the year and act accordingly.

The inside of the cabana will also need to be planned out depending upon how you want to utilize it. For storage, shelves and cabinets can be constructed depending upon how much you want to store. It will maximize the storage capacity and the relaxing space. Layout should be as per your primary need. If your primary motive for the construction of a cabana is entertainment, then the space for entertainment should be up front and the storage space should be out of sight, somewhere in the background.

There aren’t any specific sizes or rules to construct a cabana. However most of them are around 8’ X 12’ or 10’ X 14’ and the five sided ones are of 10’ or 11’. The major idea is to size your cabana as per your current and future needs. It should be carefully placed to not make the pool area look congested. If you have a smaller space, don’t dream of a large cabana because it will overwhelm the surroundings and look out of place.

Customizing a cabana is your business, but the basic requirements are a storage area for pool equipment, a changing space, a mini bar/kitchen and a shower. But it is completely up to you to design it as per your desire.

There are some specific materials available to suit the colour and design of your cabana. Premium grade western red cedar or maintenance free wood fiber siding are the most common materials available. You can complement the pool area with different looks and materials. A little thought while planning can make you cabana blend seamlessly into the background while fulfilling all your needs of space and utility. It can provide an graceful look to your house and poolside area.

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