Garage Door Repair – Helpful Tips That You Can Follow

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If you believe that you have some technical skills and are always ready to take the repair work head-on and be your own handyman, this guide is for you. Garage doors are bulky, and have a complex mechanism, with multiple springs, screws, and bolts. The movement of these parts make them susceptible to continuous wear and tear and might affect the functioning of the garage door. Because the mechanisms handle a lot of pressure, faults in these garage doors become much more evident. But sometimes the minor repairs are really easy and time-saving. Also, it is worth mentioning you save a lot of money by not hiring a technician.

First, you need to learn the difference between a major and a minor repair. Some creaky sounds and a little bolt out of place can easily be fixed. On the other hand, a broken roller is a thing you cannot replace yourself. In the latter situation, it is always preferred to to save efforts and money. Here are some tips you can employee to repair the garage door.

  • Inspection: Many a times a small visual inspection could help you to find any broken spring, bolt or joint. This might allow you to repair or replace the part before any additional harm is done to the door. If there are some glitches in the functioning of the door, you should understand that there is something wrong with the mechanism.
  • Take care: Many of the moving parts of the door get prone to wear and tear. Lubricating them periodically could lead to a better and efficient working of the door for a long period. If you see any loose nuts or bolts, you could simply ensure that they are tightened again.
  • Defective rollers: Many a times due to heavy usage, the tracks get bent or uneven at some sections. You can try hitting the tracks so that the tracks can get even again. After this step, try lubricating the joints with powdered graphite.
  • Functionality problems: This could be regarded as the most heavily encountered problem. Sometimes the door might not open or close properly. This might look like a pretty major issue, but actually needs only minor repairs. The constant exposure to dust might cause this problem. Or the formation of grease on the rollers could be the issue. Cleaning these parts might just do the drill for you. Also, you wouldn’t need any special cleaner, as regular household cleaners might prove suffice. Further using door lubricant after drying these parts would prove pretty effective.
  • Balancing: The lubrication of chains and screws can be done once in a year with Lithium Grease. To ensure that the doors are balanced, you would have to make sure that they maintain their position. When the opener is disconnected, either the gate stays in place or door goes back up. If the latter is the effect, it could be concluded that the doors aren’t balanced. This could be due to the faulty springs in the mechanism.

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