How Are Armored Cars More Secure Than Normal Cars?

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Are you aware that almost 1 billion armored vehicles are on the road today? And it is expected to reach 2 billion by 2035. Preferences of people are changing, and they are inclining more towards armored vehicles because of the amazing features and safety they provide.


Armored vehicles are designed with strong capabilities, technologies, and protection to beat threats and damages from external sources like explosives, firing, and armor-piercing bullets. They are secure and can withstand extreme condition.


Now let us see in detail, that what makes the armored vehicle more secure than normal cars.


#1. Ballistic protected bulletproof glass – Armored cars are secure because they are retrofitted with bulletproof glass, also known as the ballistic transparent material. This material is constructed by combining both polycarbonate material and special glass in a uniquely developed method. This provides safety to the driver and other people inside the vehicle. Also, the bulletproof glass can withstand high temperature, force and resistance to most hard-core, soft-core and armor-piercing bullets.


#2. They are heavier – Depending on the protection level that your vehicle has been retrofitted with and how comprehensively it is armored, its final weight could be 800 to 2,000 pounds more than the normal car. Further, to support this added weight, the armored vehicles are retrofitted with the most powerful engines and brakes. It is also recommended to demand the highest payload tires, if possible.


#3. A heavy-duty steel frame - Ballistic-grade steel is added to the frame of an armored car which makes it different from an unarmored vehicle. The entire frame is incorporated in tempered steel and applied to the frame like a jigsaw puzzle with no gaps remaining. This way, rebuilt vehicles can keep their shape while gaining a higher level of security.


#4. Run flat tires – Run flat tires are also known as safety rollers. They are custom designed specifically for your preferred vehicle. They hold the capability to provide continuous mobility for about 50 km even if the tires are blown-out in a bullet attack or blast.


Also, armored vehicles are equipped with ram bumpers that can be used by the driver as a roadblock to push any vehicle in case of an emergency. This is an essential feature and proves to be helpful when your life is at stake.


Personal protection type armored cars and sedans have reinforced bumpers in a low-profile manner unseen to layman’s eyes. And, they have a few bells and whistles that enable their armored sedans and SUVs to face greater threats. Your average car cannot survive the threatening impact of a barricade that an armored sedan or SUVs can.


To know more about the armored vehicle, it is recommended to talk to an armored vehicle manufacturer. He can help you in selecting and buying the armored car as per your safety requirements.


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