How Renovating Basement Enhances The Value Of Your Property

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Have you ever thought of renovating your basement? Having a finished basement not only enhances the look of your property but also provides extra space for use.


Basement renovation can be a daunting task since you need to keep in mind various things such as ventilation, flooring, finishing, pipelines etc. It is better to find the right basement renovation contractor that can complete the process without breaking anything.


Here are some ideas that can enhance the look of your basement, making it a comfortable and useful living space:


Adding Bedroom


If you have an unused space in your basement area and more members in your family, then you can utilise that space by adding one or two bedrooms. It allows you to increase the size of your home, and the privacy of the members will be maintained.


You can add an egress for entering and exiting through the basement. It involves some work like breaking into the foundation walls to create the openings.


Adding bedrooms can increase space and can attract a wider range of buyers. In case you are looking for buyers that can provide you with a high amount on your property or tenants who can rent the basement.


Adding Bathroom


Adding a bathroom to your basement can be useful if you one or a two-bathroom home with a huge family. You will not have to wait for your turn in the morning to get a shower if you plan on adding a bathroom in your basement.


But adding a bathroom can cost you some money on a plumber if you cannot do it on your own. Though the initial cost may be greater, but the functionality it offers can help you for a longer time.


Blank Slate


You can decorate and design the unused space in your basement without modifying the rest of your home. Here is a list of ideas:


  • The living area may include lamps, chairs and tables.
  • You can create a family area that includes couch, TV etc.
  • As a study with books on shelves and a table with a lamp for reading.
  • As an office with computer hardware, books on shelves and desks.
  • As a gym area with training equipment like a treadmill and dumbbells.
  •  As a recreational area for kids with toys.


You Do Not Have to Use High-End Materials


The basement doesn’t require expensive finishes. You can rely on stuff that is not high on calibre as compared to the other costly things in your home. For instance, hardwood flooring is a terrible choice for basement area as it can trap moisture, causing moulds to occur.


People are satisfied to have a finished functional basement with necessary things like right flooring, lighting and insulation.


A Secure Hangout


Your basement is a dank, dark and damp pit of dreariness without proper renovation. But after appropriate remodelling, it will become the most comfortable, efficiently heated or cooled living space in your entire house. In a nutshell, it can be your most secured hangout place.


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