How to clean your wooden cutting board perfectly

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Do you love chopping all your fresh vegetables and meat on your wooden cutting board? Are you looking for ways to keep your wooden cutting board just as it came- tidy and gorgeous? Taking care of your wooden board so that they can work both as a beautiful serving platter and a perfect chopping board is necessary. It’s quite easy to give your chopping board an extended and durable life by cleaning it regularly.

Here are some simple and useful tips to help you keep your personalized cutting board in a tidy manner-

  • Putting the wooden board in dishwasher is forbidden

Dishwasher acts as a foe to your wooden board and thus, you should never think about putting your cutting board in a dishwasher. There are high chances of the board getting several cracks or distortions which would rather damage your board than making it spiffy. Also, it is important that your board maintains its manufacturer’s warranty which is likely to get ineffective if the wooden board splits due to long exposure to heat and water.


  • Keep your board germ-free using natural ingredients

Implementing natural ways to keep your wooden cutting board free from germs is easy as pie. There are a plethora of ways you can keep your board in a tidy condition such as-

  • Vinegar: It is to be noted that the acetic acid present in the vinegar is an excellent disinfectant, powerful to kill some harmful microorganisms like E. coliSalmonella, and Staphylococcus.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: There are still some left-over bacteria after cutting meat which can be easily wiped by using hydrogen peroxide. Not only will it kill the bacteria but also prevent the growth of other bacteria.


  • Use hands to clean your board

The best way you can keep your board in a spick and span condition is by cleaning your board with your hands using a sponge and liquid dish wash. It is an expert practice and will always help you in keeping the board hygienic. Don’t forget to scrub your board hard at crevices where the food might otherwise remain.


  • Eliminate stubborn stains

Stains which are stuck onto the board for a prolonged time or the ones that are reluctant to go away, can be smartly removed by forming a paste by taking 1 tablespoon of baking soda, salt in water and deep cleaning the board. This simple formula will not just make the boards get rid of these critical stains but also help in keeping the board shine brightly.


  • Remove Odor from the boards completely

While you are chopping some onions, crushing a few pieces garlic, or finely cutting a raw or cooked meat/chicken/fish, it becomes a challenge to clear out the bad odor that tends to persist for a long time. However, it is essential to eliminate the odor from the board completely which can be done with the help of a lemon or vinegar.

Lemons are natural sanitizers that remove the dirty smell of the cutting board by rubbing it against the board. Vinegar is strong enough to combat the toxic smell and spaying some vinegar over the board and cleaning it will surely be of great help.


  • Regular oiling and conditioning

If you want to keep your board in a healthy order, you must consider timely oiling and conditioning so that it stays nourished and any chance of cracking is abbreviated. Using a refined mineral oil can be a smooth option rather than the regular oils that are likely to get rancid with time.

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