How to Ensure Safety of Your Baby at Home

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More than thousands of babies across the world die an unexpected death each year while sleeping. And the culprits are – SIDS (Sudden Death Syndrome), suffocation and strangulation.

Sleep-related deaths in infants have increased the anxiety levels of parents, especially who sleep in a separate room than their child. While many parents are haunted by the danger of having unwanted intruders break-in their house, it is actually the accidents within the home that carries the most risk. Moreover, infants do not really understand danger and get high on curiosity as they grow; due to which you need to be on alert at all times to make sure they don’t get hurt.

Since every home is different, the safety guidelines for one house cannot be made applicable to another in the same way. However, there can be standard tips to ensure that wherever you put your child to rest is safe and sound.

Here are the crucial things to consider –

Lay Down Your Baby on a Firm Sleep Surface

This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind for avoiding any accidents with your precious baby. The surface of a crib or a bassinet should be hard enough to not to dent when the baby is lying on it. Also, there should not be unnecessary things lying in the crib of your baby or it will increase the chances of strangulation.

A firm mattress with a fitted sheet should be used for the baby’s sleeping area and everything you purchase should comply with safety standards laid by the commission or state government.

Inspect the Crib

The crib is the main place where your baby will be spending most of the time, so make it as safe as possible. Bring in a crib with bars that aren’t too wide or else the baby can slip through and get trapped between the bars leading to death in the worst scenarios. There shouldn’t be any decorative cut-outs or sharp edges either.

Also remember to look out for any loose joints, missing parts, or hardware damage every time you put your infant in the crib.

Watch out for Toys

When shopping for your baby’s toys, be careful of what you buy. Don’t just get them because they are attractive; consider their safety factor as well. Buy only those toys that are appropriate for your child’s age and doesn’t harm him/her in any way. Since growing babies can pull or twist toys, you would never want the small parts getting swallowed by them or sharp points hurting them.

Hence, always check the safety information mentioned on the toy labels before buying them for your baby. Lots of toys end up in a child’s mouth so you have to ensure that they don’t pose any danger.

Use a Baby Monitor

Earlier it was very troublesome for parents to leave their infants alone and unwatched but with the invention of baby monitors, there was a huge sigh of relief for them. Now every parent can keep a keen eye on their baby from the convenience of a mobile phone, tablet or PC.

With the installation of high-tech baby monitors like Miku Smart Baby Monitor, you can experience real-time breathing and sleep tracking of your baby. It works in real-time and even when your internet is down, so there is no obstruction to view your child.


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