How to Make Conveyor Belts Last Longer?

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Do you know that conveyor systems are the backbone of manufacturing departments? Many different types and styles of conveyors are available, but the one that is most commonly used is the belt conveyor. Whether it is a heavy product or a packet of potato chips, conveyor belts can convey everything. It is the most versatile part of the machinery.

It is simple yet highly reliable part of any manufacturing industry. It operates on the principle of wrapping the belt continuously around two end pulleys that are driven by one of the end pulleys or an intermediate pulley. This belt is held between the end pulleys by a supporting bed of a steel pan or a set of rollers spaced along the conveyor line.


Probing further, it is not important that parts of machine work improperly because they are immune to problems. Burnout motors, broken components, and belt slippage can occur because of improper usage and wear and tear. So, important is to maintain the parts of the machinery. Talking about conveyor belt, usage with care, and proper maintenance can keep your conveyor belt in good working condition for years.

To help you in maintaining your conveyor belt, here we are with four ways that are worthy of consideration.


  1. Keep the belt clean – Always keep a check on the cleanliness of the belt. Otherwise, a dirty belt can lead to slippage. It will also reduce the conveyors’ loading capacity if the belt is not clean. The dirt builds on the belt and rollers can reduce its lifespan. So, it is suggested to invest in that conveyor belt whose parts are easy to clean, such as scrapers and belt lifters. They are designed in such a way that the cleaning process of the belt becomes faster and easier.


  1. Keep a check on the pulley alignment – The operation of belt conveyor is affected to a great extent because of pulley alignment. A pulley whose alignment is not corrected can lead to unequal belt tension. It can thus result in premature stretching on one side. Equal belt tension is crucial if you want maximum serviceable life of the belt.

Tip for maintaining pulley alignment is to always load the heavy product toward the center of the belt.


  1. Inspect and replace the worn-out parts - One of the most common causes of conveyor breakdown is its worn out parts. So always have those parts in stock that are more prone to damage because of continuous usage. Timely inspection and replacement are mandatory if you want your conveyor belt to stay in its best working condition for a longer time.


  1. Implement preventative maintenance – If you want your belt to work efficiently, then preventive maintenance is the best way. Always follow the tips that the manufacturer suggested at the time of buying. Replacing worn-out parts, inspecting all components, upgrading to high-quality versions are some important recommendations. It will not only increase the lifespan of the belt but also save your money from costly breakdowns.


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