Importance of Shoring

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Shoring is a method that is used to support a structure and to prevent it from collapsing. The most common shoring techniques are applied during the early stage of construction, also called excavation. It is done with an intention to support deep excavation to prevent any project mishap by preventing the retained soil overturns.

The need for advanced shoring has increased in recent years as urban spaces command higher premiums and architects push the boundaries to build closer to the property lines. Shoring serves several vital functions on the job site.

In order to make the construction process safer, faster, and more convenient, shoring is one of the most important measures. In areas that are hilly or areas where the construction takes place against the property line, shoring helps increase the safety and stability of the project.

Here are a few good reasons why shoring is vital to the success of construction projects:

  • Safety: The number one importance of shoring is to ensure and enhance safety. In areas that are hilly, trenches are very prone to collapse, it can be life-threatening if workers happen to be inside the trench. It is like being buried alive in an avalanche. Such crises can be traumatizing and can also result in the loss of lives. By holding the earthen walls up and preventing collapses, shoring ensures a safer work site. This is the reason why the trench shoring is very important in construction projects.
  • Saving of time: If in cased trench collapses, and no one happens to be inside it. The collapse of the trench is still bound to cause a lot of damage as the collapsed trench will have to re-dig again, which will require extra effort and time. Thus trench shoring will save you a lot of these efforts and time and will prevent your project from getting diverted.
  • Brings peace of mind: Once assured about the safety of the project, your workers will be able to work more effectively and efficiently, as they will not be worried about trench collapsing. Also, crew members when not occupied with the concerns about personal safety are less likely to make any mistakes or errors. This peace of mind brought by shoring can make the job done effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensures financial safety: Shoring makes it easier for the builder to remain on budget when they do not have to face the responsibility of collapsed excavations. If the trench collapses, you will have to re-dig again, which will cost you a lot of money, apart from time and effort. Also, if any of the workers get injured during trench collapsing, you might have to pay compensation or face lawsuits.
  • Can be used in the future: If your company digs a lot of trenches, you can make use of trench boxes over and over again if you have bought them. This will save a lot of your long term costs and this will also make sure that you never have to go without trench shoring.


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