Important Skills Children Learn from Lego

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When it comes to learning through the play way method, Lego is an excellent choice. The skills that children learn from Lego are incredible! Moreover, many Lego camps are conducted these days for the better mental development of kids.

To know about the skills that your child will learn while playing Lego, go through the following points. I assure you, after learning about the skills, you will make your child play Lego.


  1. Improved motor skills –

While playing with Lego bricks, your child will develop excellent motor skills. It is an enjoyable activity and children can play it for hours. They pick and adjust the blocks with their hands. Due to this, the muscles of their hands strengthen up and ultimately improve their writing skills.


  1. It brings a sense of accomplishment –

When children complete their work of art, they feel proud in themselves and feels the joy that accomplishing a task brings. It is good both for hands as well as their hearts. Their minds also develop to a great extent when they come up with different ideas of joining the blocks. This helps in building their confidence and try to make more complex mini-figures.


  1. Persistence -

Sometimes, building with Lego leads to heartbreaks. One wrong placement of the brick can crumble the beautiful tower that the child was building. Initially, it will make the child frustrated, but by playing regularly, he/she will learn to try again and again till the success is achieved. The child will not be defeated easily. It will also help improve their patience level, which most of the kids lack these days.


  1. Creativity –

Every Lego building is a form of art. With hundreds of tiny pieces, the creativity of the child rises. They imagine different creatures and try to build them. They mix and match the blocks of different colors. With this, their thinking power increases, and they become more creative. For a child, playing with Lego is entertaining, useful, and therapeutic at the same time.


  1. Math –

Volume, symmetry, one to one correspondence, pattern and quantity show up when kids play with Lego. When a limited number of blocks are given to a child and is asked to build something using them only, he/she will try to make each block count. They will also learn addition and subtraction through this process. They will understand the importance of every block and will try to complete their masterpiece in the best way possible.


  1. Engineering –

Lego makes them learn what a building takes to stand up. They will also learn that a single column building can fall easily. Slowly, they will realize the importance of a strong and stable base. With this, they open a new world of possibilities for them, and they start building beautiful and colorful pyramids.


  1. Solving a puzzle –

For kids, it is a puzzle. They had to solve the puzzle of which block can go where to make a perfect building. They enjoy doing it, and with this, their thinking capability enhances.

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