Indian Food Menu – Want to Surprise Others with Mouth Watering Dishes?

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Indian foods are among the most delicious and finger licking foods for special occasions or celebrations. The flavours, the fragrance, the colour and most importantly the taste can take you to a whole different paradise. You would surely have a mouth-watering experience if you are served with Indian chicken tandoori or Indian rice biryani. A perfect blend of spices which can capture anyone’s taste buds and once you taste it, you surely cannot stop drooling over it.

If you wish to surprise your near and dear ones which may include your family and friends with unique Indian taste, then you should definitely know what all is contained in a typical Indian menu. You can then research on the recipes. Don’t worry, I will inform you where you can look for a step by step guide to actually start cooking delicious Indian recipes at the comfort of your home.

Let’s start with the starters which includes onion pakoda, Gobi pakoda, dried vegetable bonda and finger fish. They are great to serve when it comes to special occasions, festivals or weekend lunch. Another alternative may be vegetable cutlet and vegetable samosas. These can actually add extra taste and flavour to your weekend lunch. Spicy soups are always warmly welcomed when it comes to starters of a meal. The highlights are hot and sour soup, sweet corn, vegetable and cream of tomato soup. These flavours are cherished by many people. Amazingly flavoured non vegetarian soups can also easily slide into the delicious Indian menu.

The tasty tandoori chicken literally completes a perfect delicious Indian Menu. It may be served with basmati rice and salad. It is one of those Indian foods which you won’t regret after eating. Once your tongue tastes the flavours of this amazing dish, you will definitely make it your favourite. Spices and masala are added in absolute right proportion and this proves the uniqueness of tandoori chicken. A spice (or masala) called the garam masala adds flavour to this dish and lifts the taste of tandoori chicken.

Well, the Indian food menu is vast and could comprise of hundreds of dishes. You must try chapattis (rotis), masala Kulcha, paneer butter masala, mushroom masala and Gobi masala. This will be like a true treat to your taste senses. Every dish requires time and effort in order to get the perfect touch of flavour. Do not forget to try Paneer Butter Masala and Masala Kulcha (if you want to prefer vegetarian food) as they are cherished by most people.

Food gives happiness and delicious finger licking food gives immense happiness! Don’t just sit and think about the flavours, go and treat your taste buds. There are many cuisines which offer great flavours but the blend of spices and herbs used in Indian dishes is just out of the world. Even if you are a vegetarian, there are lots of amazing dishes in store for you too which you would completely drool on. So, without much ado, check the website of Dawett for any more information. Visit the place today or maybe tomorrow but don’t delay a perfect delicious treat.

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