Are you an Introvert? Here are 10 tips that will help you become more social

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Hesitation in talking to new people, afraid to face a crowd, avoiding initiating conversations, these are the first few signs of being an introvert. Different people portray different types of behavior  Some are too much of an extroverts who can interact easily with people. But at the same time there are certain people who find it difficult to initiate conversation with new people. They hesitate in being social and because of this they limit their social circle. An introvert is a person who is energized by being alone. They enjoy thinking and exploring over their thoughts. They avoid social situations even if they have good social skills. Their desire to stay alone prevents them from being social. So in case you are an introvert yourself and want to learn how to become more social and interaction more with people then this is the place for you. Here is a list of points that will help you in this task.

10. Initiate


One of the lacking points of an introvert is that they avoid initiating conversation with anyone new. They prefer people coming up to them to talk. Well if you want to be more social the very first advice will be to start initiating interactions with people on your own. Open up with people. Don’t sit back and avoid it. Be curious about the people around you. Don’t be afraid in making eye contact with people. Go for it. For being social this is a necessity.


9. Stick to a good company of friends


Well it is rightly said that company matters to a great extent. Therefore always choose a nice group of friends. Learn to stay with such people who are social themselves. Staying in their company you will come across many people and your social circle will expand. Being with them you be able to explore the benefits of being social. You will also learn to interact with people and will get a chance to explore more.


8. Avoid staying alone


If you want to be more social you have to give up staying alone which is what you are prone to most of the times. Try being in company of people rather than sitting idle and thinking over nothing. Make new friends wherever you go. You have to give up this habit of enjoying isolation. Staying alone will simply leave you into that introvert stage again so avoid it. Keep yourself engaged most of the times to revert this situation. Do it and you will yourself see things going the other way around.


7. Analyse the behavior of social people


You must have come across so many social people whom you want to be like. You simply wonder how it is so easy for them to be so carefree and frank with a crowd. Well in order to learn to be like them you should analyse their behaviour and adapt the same. Notice the way they start interactions with people. Their behavioral pattern might help you in changing your own. Notice their body language too as it is a necessary point. They might serve as an example for you and help you in becoming social yourself.


6.  Realize the negative aspects of being an Introvert


In order to change some habit of yours you should firstly analyse its negative aspects. This will help you in realizing where you are going wrong. Being an introvert keeps you away from society. Also interestingly enough extroverts grab more of opportunities as they come their way when compared to an introvert. It makes you stay alone most of the times. You yourself should know all of this. Knowing it will incite you towards making a change. At the same time also look to the benefits of becoming social. This sure is a way of helping you in this task.


5. Give up your ego


Surprisingly enough sometimes it is ego which stops introverts from being social with people. They are of the perspective that why should they initiate any kind of interactions first. This curbs their chances of even trying to be an extrovert. So you have to learn to give up your ego. Ego clashes often turn into negative outcomes. Once you give up your ego, you will initiate things on your own. This is a necessity.


4.  Confidence


Confidence for sure is imperative in life. It can be defined as the belief that you hold in yourself. A person who lacks confidence fears the outcome of any activity. Therefore they do not try making changes in themselves. You should have confidence in yourself. Mostly introvert people seem to be under confident. This puts an end to even some chances of their trying to be social. They avoid interactions as a result of it.


3. Join a club


To become more social in life you have to make efforts on your own. It may be an old advice but go for it. One good club can fill your social calendar. In a club you might find people with similar interests which make it easier to build new relationships. One good club is what you need. Clubs serve as a medium of being social. You will learn to be surrounded by people. This will make you feel comfortable in the company of people. You might end up making good friends too.


2. Develop social habits


Everything comes with time.You can’t learn something all of a sudden. Don’t under estimate yourself. Adapt to social habits slowly and gradually. Take up a task and complete it. For example you may start by trying to strike conversations with new people. Take it up and you will realize how with time everything becomes simple and things go smoothly. The more you do it the better you get at it. In social situations try to help out in some or the other.  A small amount of practice can go a long way to making the next time you meet someone a bit better. Go on; test yourself until you get it right.


1.Look approachable


No matter how beautiful or a good conversationalist you are if you look intimidating, preoccupied or scared, people might not be inclined to talk to you. Your body language and also your facial expressions define you. Therefore try to look approachable so that people feel curious to know about you. A warm smile can put anything at ease. It will make people comfortable in talking to you. Looking approachable will make people come to you on their own. Especially if you have been told by people that you seem to be giving negative vibes then accept it and make a change.

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