Keeping Your Home Pest Freep

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Warm season changes in weather can bring about sunshine and fun times by the pool, but it also increases the likelihood of pests invading your property. Ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlies aren’t aware of property boundaries, so it is up to us to ensure that our houses can keep them at bay. The enclosed tips should help in the good fight for a pest-free home.

1. Cleanliness is next to godliness! Keeping the interior of your home clean and free of crumbs should help tremendously in keeping out unwanted insect visitors. Making the home hospitable and welcoming to them with food and debris laying around will only make them think that they are acceptable house guests. You are feeding them, after all. So keep a clean and tidy home as a base step to pest prevention. Seal tightly any foods that you have so that the smells won’t permeate out nor will bugs be able to get into your consumables.

2. Work on the exterior of the house as well, checking for cracks and entry points for insects. Clean out the gutters and pipes so that pests can’t set up nests in these areas, which will only lead to infestation. Repair any cracked, broken, shifted, or otherwise warped areas of the exterior and this should curtail the bugs chances for entry.

3. Certain plants and flowers, such as Marigolds, give off unpleasant odors to insects so these could be a good choice to plant around the property.

4. If you have an infestation of a certain type of bug outside, introducing predator bugs to the environment could be a wise choice. Ladybugs eat certain pests, so with the right balance, they could rid an infestation, just don’t bring in too many or else you could have an infestation of THEM.

5. Get rid of unsightly clutter in the home, such as stacks of cardboard. These can provide comfortable dwelling for creatures such as mice and roaches, so no clutter!

6. Remove stagnant water from the premises. Sitting water attracts insects, so having stagnant ponds, puddles, etc can have the effect of becoming a pest watering hole.

Following these steps will greatly reduce the numbers of insects that may try to set up home with you. There will always be pests around, but there’s no need to make them your roommates!

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