Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Skin Care after the Procedure

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Waxing, trimming, threading tells us the pain we go through every second just to remove the unwanted hair on our bodies. A hairy body has usually been seen as a sign of unattractiveness, especially for women. Even men are struggling to get rid of the excess body hair, but the only permanent solution remains a laser treatment. A laser treatment might have multiple sessions and keeping care of the skin becomes a headache during that period. But a little basic knowledge might just do the drill to keep your skin healthy for the time period.

You might be juggling through a lot of questions like, which face wash, moisturizer to use or the amount of makeup you can apply. Treating the pain after the treatment could be one of the most important aspect for you. Here are some tips not only to tackle pain but also to take care of your skin for a long term.

  • Cold is Gold: The extreme pain on your skin can be countered by applying compression on the affected area and using ice packs. The pain which is caused due to the treatment can be countered if the skin is made numb. A couple of hours of applying ice cold towels and ice packs could just do the drill. These simple remedies can help you numb the skin, so you do not feel the after-effects of the treatment which makes your skin uneasy, red and swollen.
  • The Don’ts: There are a number of restrictions which might be specified by your doctor. But there are some universal tips to be kept in the mind. The treated skin remains extra-sensitive even after treatment. Any kind of discomfort could cause you to scratch your skin, which is not advised. Using deodorant or perfumes on the affected area could result in extreme irritation and a burning sensation as most of them include alcohol. Using a strong soap could result in further skin problems.

You should not even think of bleaching or waxing the treated area. This should be followed until the treatment has been done. The result of these activities could be severe on your skin. It can cause extreme inflammation, burning sensation, and even serious infections.

  • Be Pampering: To be on the safer side, shaving the treated area is strictly prohibited at least for 5 days. Exercising isn’t recommended just after the treatment as the sweat might result in irritation. Use moisturizers on the affected area to help your skin heal. The cooling properties of moisturizers could relieve you of pain and irritation. Some creams tend to make the skin dry (anti-bacterial). Make sure you stay away from them.
  • Sunburn: In this situation, sun rays especially the harmful UV rays of the sun could prove out to be extremely harmful to the treated part of your body. Infection may flare up if you go unprotected. Using sunscreen lotions would help you to shield your body from the sun.

These restrictions and tips would surely keep harmful infection and torturous pain at bay.


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